Week 10: Denver Broncos 36 – Carolina Panthers 14: Good and Bad


1)      Broncos’ defense. Awesome.

2)      The D, defended 15 drives: 8 3-OUT, 2 interceptions (one pick 6) and once gave up 4 plays (the first drive of the game) instead of 3. In a total of 15 drives, 11 drives where either short or ended in turnover. It gives a lot of confidence.

3)      Von Miller every week is closing up the gap to be the most awesome player in the roster. Have ever happened that the same team had on the roster the two players that end up winning the MVP and the Defensive player in the same year?

4)      Tony Carter and Chris Harris: they played great again, this time Carter made one of the hugest plays of the game. Will they be considered for real by opponent now?

5)      The D-Line. It’s probably the hugest game played by Broncos D-Line that I ever saw with my eyes. I remember when I was used to see a soo-soo D-Line in the early 2000s, and still fresh in my memory the bad D-Line of the past years. Weren’t Broncos Fans heavily concerned by the departure of Broderick Bunkley?

6)      How cool is when former-team players go to hug the former-team coach that just torched them in the game? Kudos to Carolina ex-Fox players, great example to follow.

7)      Peyton Manning the game manager. It was really good seeing Manning managing the game and using bombs when the opportunities arise.

8)      Trindon Holliday punt return for 6 points. It is a huge boost to a team when the opponent has to fear the returning game. At some point or the opponent will give him the ball or they’ll stay away from him conceding better field position to the Broncos.

9)      Winning one for your head coach is huge. The defense looked really fired up. Too good.


1)      3rd Quarter Offense, again. Denver offense had 3 drives in the 3rd quarter: punt, fumble (Manning), fumble (McGahee)……it seems that the Broncos hate to play the 3rd quarter lately.

2)      WRs drops. Again mental mistakes and again something that has to be fixed, if possible, and this offense will look almost unstoppable.

3)      McGahee fumbles: he should still be a fans favourite, only made 1 error (his first fumble, because the second he recovered for 5 additional yards….did you see it?). He did so many things for the Broncos in 1,5 years that this could be overlooked.

4)      I can’t really find much more


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