Around NFL week 10 picks v1.0

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville –> Jacksonville. All appoint to Indianapolis, but as a young team I guess that being favorite won’t be a big favor for Luck & Co…

San Diego @ Tampa Bay –> San Diego. Sand Diego still has one of the best run defenses. If the Chargers could shut down early the Buccaneers running game, I don’t see how Tampa could win this game, even at home.

Atlanta @ New Orleans –> New Orleans. This will be an upset, New Orleans cannot lose this game and usually Brees performs admirably in the important game. New Orleans defense came a little bit alive against the Eagles in what has been an elimination game.

Denver @ Carolina –> Carolina. I love the Broncos and I don’t wanna jinx it.

Buffalo @ New England –> New England. Buffalo lost two more players to I/R. New England started to play for the 1st round by and need to win this game. The Bills are already out of playoff picture. New England will win.

Detroit @ Minnesota –> close. To be determine in the next days. Gut feeling: Minnesota.

New York Giants @ Cincinnati –> Cincinnati. The Giants could lose two games in a row and then get back strong in December. Cincinnati is on a longer losing streak and could not afford any other lost game to save some offseason hope. Plus, The Bengals talent is better than their record and they’re not underachieving. The played very well against the Broncos and they’ll be hungrier than the Giants on Sunday. This is the edge for them.

Tennessee @ Miami –> Tennessee. Tennessee has lost this badly against the Bears that the Titans look like a shrinking ship. On the other hand Miami, even with the lost at Indy, is still overachieving in 2012.  The logic would say 100% percent Miami, right? My gut feeling says Tennessee.

Oakland @ Baltimore –> Baltimore. It could be much more closer than what the two team records would say, but I guess that at the end of the day Baltimore will win.

New York Jets @ Seattle –> Seattle. I don’t see the Jets traveling all the way to the west coast and being able to overcome a really good Seahawks defense.

Saint Louis @ San Francisco –> San Francisco. San Francisco is oplaying at home and is the better team. Saint Louis is not as bad as some people think, but I see the 49ers being focused on this game and having a really good defense that will be too much for  the Rams offense.

Dallas @ Philadelphia –> Philadelphia. The Eagles will win the game of the coaching hot seat. Philadelphia is playing home, that the edge.

Houston @ Chicago –> Houston. Too many close games this week. I could be wrong on the most of this week games. In this match-up I see the Bears being overhyped, their offense didn’t match-up well with the defense, I mean Bear defense is one of the best right now. And actually I envision Houston Offense being better that Chicago’s and Houston Defense being at the same level of the Bears’. I also see the Texans as more focused and this will be the edge on this game.

Kansas City @ Pittsburg –> Pittsburg. Steelers got momentum with the big win in New York. The Chiefs have no momentum at all.


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