2013 Free Agents of interest – Part 3 – Steven Jackson, RB

Steven Jackson– RB : 6’ 2’’, 240 lbs., 29 y/o, 9th season, 1st  round pick in 2004 by St. Louis Rams.

Steven Jackson has been one of the premiers RB of the past 10 years. Yet he never had a shot at any Super bowl due to playing for a team that has been on rebuilding mode more often than not after the Kurt Warner era. He’s age is starting to be a concern for his position, but Denver looks to rejuvenate experienced RB (Willis McGahee is the living example). This year (2012) his stats are down a bit and he just scores 1 TD and has 3, 7 yards per carry, the lowest of his entire career.

The Rams acted as a classy organization and granted him the free agent status for the 2013 season, in order to let him decide to give a final shot to a ring with the Rams or find a real contender team, where he could have a better shot at the Lombardi Trophy.

His career stats as week 9 of 2012: 2.242 rushing attempts for 9.496 yards, 4,2 yards per carry, 53 rushing TDs; 381 receptions for 3.101 yards and 8 TDs. He also had 23 fumbles with 15 of them ending up being turnovers.

A part his impressive stats, has to remembered that he played in several awful Rams teams where he was clearly the only weapon on offense and still he was able to produce week in and week out. On top of that, even being a star player, playing for not good enough teams, he never was reported wanting out or asking for salary raise. He just played his talent and his body out.

Why the broncos would be interested:

  • The Broncos or any team would be fool if they won’t consider which kind of way Jackson could contribute on their team. Even more the Broncos that look to have gave up on Moreno. They look to be on the market for RB (free agents or draft) in 2013.
  • Denver could use a tandem of experienced players at RB in McGahee and Jackson, splitting carries between the two of them. It will be a really dangerous running attack.
  • Jackson, if to leave St. Louis, will be just looking for serious Super bowl contender, and the Broncos, as far as they’re playing in 2012, the first year of Manning at the helm, will be surely considered as one of the real contender in 2013. Jackson won’t just look for money, he will look for a team where he could have an important role (part of a starting tandem) and a real shot to a ring.
  • Manning chose the Broncos during 2012 offseason, and the team all is delivering at the moment. This is a really good message to all the players as Jackson than could be looking for a classy organization with a shot.
  • He’s the kind of classy leader on the field that Denver looks to love.

Why the Broncos could not pursuing him:

  • The Broncos could want a younger player at the position through the Draft. They just drafted Ronnie Hillman and he will be in the mix for more playing time next year. As the 2012 season is unfolding down, it looks like the Broncos could have a late 1st round pick again in the draft, position where they could find themselves front runner to select a dynamic RB.
  • There could be still some salary issue, given that the Broncos will have to sign Ryan Clady paying him what probably will be top money for his position. Teams pay a lots of money to elite LTs. So it could be that the broncos won’t have almost any money to invest in free agency.
  • Other team will have a shot at Jackson, so it could come down to his favorite spot to play football.


At his position, few RB are still productive at his age. Steven Jackson could be still a nightmare for any defense if used in the right way (sharing carries). A starting tandem including him and McGahee would be terrific and also will provide a lot of insurance if one of the two could go down with injuries.

Being him the class player he showed day in and day out in his career I cannot see Elway not evaluating and trying to find a way to make him a Bronco in 2013.

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