Around NFL week 9 picks v1.0

Kansas City @ San Diego –> San Diego. This Thursday game introduces two teams that have a lot of problems actually, starting from the Front Office down to the coach and to the players that probably are feeling the heat and are already playing for their contracts. I still think the Chargers to be a quite good team, they’re in a strange moment but also they’re a better team than what professional analysts are pointing out them to be at this point. The Chiefs also are underachieving this year, they have some talent but I guess they have far bigger problems in the FO. San Diego is a slightly better team and will play at home, so they have the edge.

Arizona @ Green Bay –> Green Bay. Skelton has not been able to create any spark for the Cardinals since he step up for an injured Kolb. I guess that at this point the whole team is still wondering who will be the Qb for the long term, considering that Kolb starts to have a deep injury history in his still young NFL career and Skelton looks not to be mobile  enough  to avoid at least a couple of sack per game and create more plays to move the chains. Green Bay is being again punished by injuries and has its potential lowered because of that. This said, the game will be played in the Lambeau field and I don’t see the Cardinals to replicate the miracle they did in Foxboro against New England. Green Bay, also because all the injuries, will take the Cardinals seriously and will came out as the winner team in this showdown.

Detroit @ Jacsonville –> Detroit. Jacksonville suffered a tough loss against Green Bay in week 8. The Jaguars were so close to the upset victory but ultimately the WRs had too many drops and killed their own team. Is the second tough loss in a row. I think that emotionally will turn out to be too much and that Detroit will come out with the W in this contest. Take in mind that Detroit also has a lot of injured players and the secondary looks like a swiss cheese at the moment. Anyhow I don’t see Jacksonville offense being this explosive to really create too much problems to Detroit defense, given that Detroit D-Line is one of the best in the league.

Denver @ Cincinnati –> close. To be determined in the next days. Gut feeling: Cincinnati.

Carolina @ Washington –> Washington. To the Redskins is the last call for greatness in this season and they played good enough through the whole year for not using this opportunity. Carolina looks to be a bit in disarray.

Baltimore @ Cleveland –> close. To be determined in the next days. Gut feeling: Baltimore.

Chicago @ Tennessee –> close. To be determined in the next days. Gut feeling: Chicago.

Miami @ Indianapolis –> close. To be determined in the next days. Gut feeling: Miami.

Buffalo @ Houston –> Houston. I guess that most of the fans will expect Houston to win big against Buffalo and, although I foresee Houston winning this contest, I guess it will be closer that the most of the people thinks. Both teams are coming out of the bye week and this year there have been a lot of upsets. Houston will win because they have a really good mind set and won’t suffer any concentration problem, but Buffalo will battle hard and could come up just short.

Minnesota @ Seattle –> Seattle. Both teams have to win but the game is in Seattle. Edge for Seattle and its weather conditions, being Minnesota a Dome team.

Tampa Bay @ Oakland –> close. To be determined in the next days. Gut feeling: Tampa Bay.

Pittsburg @ New York Giants –> close. To be determined in the next days. Gut feeling: Pittsburg.

Dallas @ Atlanta –> Dallas. This game is my upset game of the week. No way Atlanta, that just won big in Philadelphia, will lose at home to the Cowboys? Yes Atlanta is playing great, but also in other moments of this year they have been close to lose the game (¿Carolina, Oakland at home?) and this Dallas team is capable of everything, even to virtually win a game committing 6 turnovers  and ending up losing it for a thumb out of bound with 6 seconds remaining in the game….astonishing. Dallas need the win and will win,  the game will determinate in which way they’ll win.

Philadelphia @ New Orleans –> close. To be determined in the next days. Gut feeling: New Orleans.


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