Week 8: New Orleans Saints 14 – Denver Broncos 34: Good and Bad


1)      Peyton Manning is awesome, he really is, even more if it’s possible.

2)      No receiver fumbled or step on his foot and fall or any other strange thing.

3)      Decker +2 TDs, Thomas +100plus yard game and +TD.

4)      Offensive play calling: I liked a lot that the play calling tried to take advantages on physical missed-matches (see TE Virgil Green 4 big catches) and even really effective run calls.

5)      McGahee, a part the fumble. Being 31st and run this hard is something special. If not yet, sure now he’ll have a special place in Broncos Fans heart.

6)      Ronnie Hillman improvement and potential: some quite good runs on 1st and 2nd down: who says he’s a 3rd down back? He could, but he’s not being used as, for now.

7)      O-Line again didn’t allow any sack. Peyton is awesome but also Denver O-Line start to look like dominant.

8)      D-line did not produce any sack (ok, Wolfe had 1 for a fumble but was nullified by a Dumervil penalty in the 1st quarter) but did pressure a lot Drew Brees. It’s not enough? NO O-Line is quite dominant too. Great game by the D-Line.

9)      Denver Linebackers are coming alive (ok Von Miller is a Linebacker but not only a linebacker…and is the second most awesome player on Denver roster).

10)   Woodyard had a career game, even more than against Chicago in 2011. It’s not only for the interception. He had 2 TFLs a forced fumble and an all-around performance. It looks like he’s getting better and better. MVP, period.

11)   Harris again played very well, I know it’s no news anymore.

12)   Trevathan had some very important tackles (I remember one over Colston on a 2nd-10 that forced a 3rd-1 and then a punt). He looks really, but really promising. Nate Irving played too on defense and not only on special teams…..here is somebody that hopes Denver young linebackers will grow into a powerful group!!!

13)   The three consecutive 3 & out that Denver defense forced just when the offense was putting big points on the board in the 3rd quarter. This is probably the most important aspect of the game I want to take out. Those drives (offensively and defensively) were punch, punch and knockout. Elite teams perform like that constantly. It looks like there are few elite teams this year….and the Broncos can get a lot better still…….


1)      To be picky, New Orleans second touchdown. Denver defense again allowed a 4th-10+ conversions. I know it was at the end of the game and it was meaningless but I’m struggling to find something to put under Bad.

2)      Tracy Porter Illness. Does not have anything to see with the game, but still here’s a hope for him to get better and come back to play sooner rather than later.

3)      I don’t know what really was bad on the Broncos game. In Cincinnati will be even harder so it would be really bad if anyone on the team would think that now the schedule is easier. It isn’t.


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