2013 Free Agents of interest – Part 2 – Daryl Smith, LB

Daryl Smith– OLB : 6’ 2’’, 248 lbs, 30 y/o, 9th season, 2nd round pick in 2004 by Jacksonville Jaguars (H.C.: Jack Del Rio).

Daryl Smith is recognized has one of the forces at the linebacker core for the Jaguars through his all career. In 2010 he got the AFC defender of the week honor for the performance (including 7 solo tackles and 1 interception) against the Broncos.

His career stats as week 8 of 2012: 672 tackles, 21,5 sacks, 1 safety, 9 forced fumbles and 6 interceptions.

He’s currently on Injury Reserve designed for return for Jacksonville.

Thought the Broncos drafted linebackers both the past years and gave extensions through 2014 to Woodyard, Smith could be one of the most interesting players on free agency for the Broncos.

Why the broncos would be interested:

  • The Broncos will have to find a reliable and long term solution for the MLB position next offseason. An option could be to move one between Wesley Woodyard and DJ Williams to MLB duties. In this case an experienced player like Smith could be much more under Denver radar.
  • As for the MLB spot, Daryl Smith also has experience, with the Jaguars, at that position. Del Rio looks to like linebackers that could be used in different position.
  • Daryl Smith is a Del Rio player. The actual Broncos DC was HC in Jacksonville when Smith was selected with the 39th pick overall and Smith was a stalwart during Del Rio tenure in Jacksonville.
  • Like Brooking in 2012, Smith could provide leadership and experience to a group that, with the exception of DJ Williams and, in part Woodyard, is really young.

Why the Broncos could not pursuing him:

  • Daryl Smith could represent a higher value for Jacksonville and its community, so that the Jaguars could pursue him heavily through the season and then in the post season. Then also, after 9 years, will he be willing to move, together with his family, to Broncoland?
  • Wage demands will be a factor. The sooner he could get back on field in 2012 is week 15. At 30, he could look for the last payday and, if this offseason gives any indication, the Broncos FO is not willing to bring in veteran players that ask for a big amount of money.


Daryl Smith is a veteran linebacker that has the parts of the leadership additions that Denver did for the 2012 season to bring experience and work habit to the core of young players that are acquired through the draft. He has versatility and could play different positions in the field.

At the moment the linebackers’ pool in free agency has some big names (Laurinaitis and Urlacher) that will require big money but not much else. Smith is one of the few players that could meet production/salary target that the Broncos will give to themselves. He also is familiar with the actual Broncos defensive Coordinator. If he’ll be healthy and willing to join a new adventure seeking some rings, he could be a great addition for 2-3 to the Broncos roster.


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