Week 6: Denver Broncos 35 – San Diego Chargers: Good and Bad


  1. Peyton Manning is Awesone.
  2. Total Denver defensive 3 and out or less than 7 defensive plays: 6 series (3  and out: 3 times, 3 times the defense came out with an interception at the respectively 4th, 5th and 6th defensive play). Total defensive series: 13. Total defensive series ended with San Diego scores: 3. Starting point for San diego offense on the three scoring series: DEN 17, DEN 19, SD 39. Outstanding Defense.
  3. Defensive take aways: total 6. Take aways for defensive scores: 2 (14 points). Number of Interceptions: 4. Number of forced fumbles: 3. Outstanding.
  4. Next man up philosophy: see C Dan Kopper, CB Chris Harris, CB Tony Carter and S Jim Leonhardt achievement during the game.
  5. Elvis Dumervil: he probably had the best game of his career. He just stood up and changed the game in the 3rd quarter with the huge sack for fumble. I think he was a little underachieving this year for some reason, but not he can just keep going, and it will be fun to watch for all Broncos fans.


  1. Offensive Mental mistakes: Eric Decker tripping himself on the way to a sure touchdown and Matthew Willis bad rout running for a Manning pick 6 in the 1st half. I think that is the 3rd week in a row that Denver offense is trying to hurt itself. Somthing that really has to be avoided after the bye week.
  2. Returning Game: boy when at the first day of the training kamp two undrafted free agents were waived for medical issues, I got the feeling that Denver was really screwed onm the returning game. Yes rookie CB Bolden could do some kick returns and WR Decker is a decent punt returner but both of them, for different reasons, where not intended to be used as returner: Decker is a starter receiver that better not suffers all the big hits of the ST returner; CB Bolden has lost his senior year ay Arizona State because a torn ACL injury and has been selected in the 4th round of the 2012 Draft by the Broncos with the intention of developing him in a good and serviceable CB that could start in a couple of year.WR Eric Paige and CB Coryell Judie were picked up as undrafted free agents by the Broncos and all appoint that they could have stick with the team being the return man. After that Denver signed off the street Leonhardt as a average punt returner and used Bolden as primary kick returner, until, a couple of days ago KR Trindon Holliday was signed as team kick returner. Both Bolden and Holliday fumbled the ball at the very beginning of the 1st quarter, after that San Diego was up 10 points. Bad bad returning team.

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