2012 NFL season pills – Week 6

Overrated teams

Atlanta Falcons

Why: the Falcons are making my overrated list just because they hold a 6-0 record and are also the lone team unbeaten. They are not the best team overall in the NFL at all. They are playing well but will fail again in the playoffs. I’m not sure to see them playing in the NFC Championship game, given that teams as Green Bay or New York Giants could have to pass through Georgia Dome for the Divisional game and I don’t see the Falcons winning at that stage against one of these two teams.

Season final outcome: Divisional playoff game loss at home.

Baltimore Ravens

Why: the defense is sliding down and now they have to deal with injuries such the ones to CB Ladarius Webb and ILB and team leader Ray Lewis. The offense looks to be a rollercoaster, one week looks unstoppable and the other could not do anything. I don’t buy them, now, to be one of the elite teams in the AFC, tough that with all the injuries Pittsburg is facing, they already own the AFC North.

Season final outcome: Divisional playoff game loss.

Philadelphia Eagles

Why: I don’t buy the entire team. The Eagles have great players both on offense and on defense. But for some reason, a little bit like last year, the team has problems to play as a team. To go to the playoffs the will probably have to win their division (AFC East) and beat out the New York Giants. It’s not gonna happen.

Season final outcome: Miss the playoff, tie-breaker for wild card.

Minnesota Vikings

Why: they had a great brand new start of the season going 4-1, but the team is not so deep and talented to resist a Green Bay and Chicago push for playoff spot. I imagine them finishing 8-8 or at best 9-7, not enough for a wild card game invitation. Plus, starting from week 9 their schedule looks brutal. I can see them winning the next 2 games, but then Minnesota could also end up losing all the rest of the games….

Season final outcome: Miss the playoff, 4th place in the NFC North.

Arizona Cardinals

Why: similar to the Vikings, I think this team had had a great start but does not have enough depth to finish the season topping two more dangerous teams, IMO, in their division. Both San Francisco and Seattle have, IMO, better teams. Even the Rams are a good team in the making. Arizona is not a bad team, but I don’t see them battling neither with the 49ers and the Seahawks this year.

Season final outcome: Miss the playoff, 3rd place in NFC West.



Underrated Teams


Pittsburg Steelers

Why: Pittsburg is facing important injuries since the start of the season. Anyhow they had found ways to stay in all of their matches up to now. If this team will make the playoffs is depending how important will turn out to be this weekend injuries to T Gilbert, C Pouncey, RB Mendenhall and RB Redman and when Polamalu and Woodley will be able to return. I would bet they make the playoffs as wild card team. I also guess that, if healthy, this team will collect at least one playoff win.

Season final outcome:  2nd in AFC North, wild card game win in AFC playoffs.


Washington Redskins

Why: they are a good team because at the end of the day they play like a team. I still think they are a little bit raw but I have this gut feeling that they will make the playoffs. RGIII will be the offensive rookie of the year and is capable to boost and energize his team with his plays. They also are facing important injuries (DE/OLB Orakpo is already out for the year since some weeks) but they’re playing solid football.

Season final outcome: 2nd in NFC East, lose in wild card game in NFC playoffs.


Green Bay Packers

Why: because they’re still one of the 4 best teams in the NFL. They are so talented and have a deep team being also used to step up when injuries, even important ones, are keeping star starters on the sidelines. I still think that they’ll win the NFC North. Bottom line they’ll at least get to the divisional game in the NFC playoffs and most probably will battle in the NFC Championship game.

Season final outcome: NFC championship game contender.


Seattle Seahawks

Why: because their defense is the real deal. There is a lot of talent out on this defense and the unit is playing like a team. The win over New England will result to be a huge boost for the team, they now know that the defense could stop any offense and the offense could do just enough to win big regular season games. The offense could get a lot better on the way and Russell Wilson will proof to be a good Qb and to have been underestimated in the 2012 draft.

Season final outcome: 2nd in the NFC West, wild card game lost in the NFC playoffs.


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