Week 5: New England Patrios 31 – Denver Broncos 21: Good and Bad


1)      Peyton Manning is awesome, he really is.

2)      4th quarter, 4th and 4 for NE (up 31 – 14) at Denver 45 yards (or around there): McDaniels choses to play the down and a passing play develops. Wesley Woodyard flies into NE backfield untouched, throws Brady to the ground, FUMBLE and NE recovers it (it would have been too much hoping for Denver recovering the ball) somewhere around its own 40 yards. Awesome, McD!! In your face!!!!


1)      McD owned Denver defense until deep in the 4th quarter. Embarassing.

2)      Denver run defense was horrible.

3)      Watching Denver’ run defense was hurting. Watching it at 1 am central European time was even painful.

4)      Demarious Thomas is clumsy…..one TD nullified for not dragging the damn foot, 2 fumbles running towards the endzone…..if he’s not clumsy he is a bust. I hope he’s clumsy.

5)      Denver has nothing at RB a part McGahee. Really nothing.

6)      How in the world Denver was thinking to be good at MLB the past offseason?

7)      Denver needs a MLB, now.

8)      Denver won’t have a MLB until February.

9)      Claiming that the schedule is brutal is mindblogging. Who cares if Denver has to play elite teams openening the season…..won’t those teams play in the playoff? So how in the world is this Denver team going to beat them? At least now we know that Denver is not elite and at the moment not even close to be elite. List of positional needs for next offseason:

  1. MLB
  2. DT
  3. RB
  4. WR
  5. DT

Looks very similar to the past offseason positional need, isn’t it?

10)   Manning again engineered something similar to a come back at the ned of the game, so that 50% of Denver fans will feel at least pride and will think that the game could have been different without the McGahee fumble. The other 50% of Denver fans knows that the game was over at the beginning of the 3rd period when NE converted a 3rd and 17 with a Woodhead run. Plain and simple. And is pretty pathetic.

11)   When Manning will start to think that he does not deserve to finish in this sad way his career?

12)   That 2nd round pick Denver threw away on a backup QB could have been usefully spent on a defensive player….say MLB or another DT?

13)   ………Lance Ball running the ball on 3rd and 4? running to move the chains? Lance Ball? At 1 am central european time that is not even painful, is something to cry over.


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