Quarter season Review: weeks 1 to 4 +1 part 2: Defense

Denver defense performed inconsistently through the first three matches. The trend was similar during the two losses against Atlanta and Houston: problems covering passing plays, leaving big plays on the field.

During yesterday game (New England) things got worse.

I was never in the bus of those Bronco fans that were celebrating how much Denver defense has improved this year. Especially the run defense was really overestimated, IMO. Houston run effectively the ball creating the opportunity for the passing game that gashed the Broncos on that game (together with Wrs drops) but New England really has shown to the whole NFL where Denver defense is, to be honest, still really weak.

Denver run defense has not improved, at all. If a team is no stout defending the run, any playoff hope is in jeopardy. I can barely imagine how in San Diego they’re chopping their hands. This part of the game needs a major overhaul as soon as possible…and it will be during next offseason.

MLB has been the position where I’m hoping since long time Denver to make a move (FA or Draft) but nothing had happened the two past off seasons. I admire a lot Joe Mays and had a lot of hopes on Nate Irving to step up. So now Mays has been exposed a lot, up to now this season and Irving looks to not being considered for a change at the position.  Not good at all.

Again, having a so&so Dline, it takes an elite linebacking corp to make the defense elite. I’m sick to see how many time Denver tried to upgrade the DBacks….you need 4 supermenon DBacks to save the ship if the front 7 is destroyed by the running game and the MLB can’t cover a fly. Are you kidding me Denver?

The only bright side is, as it should be after what it seems to be 10 years of personnel improvement, defensive back. They were own against Houston but against NE they saved quite a few of TDs, especially in the running game. Kudos to Rahim Moore, for all the harsh he was getting last year from some Bronco fans, he really got better this year and gives hopes for the future.

Denver has one elite player on defense: Von Miller. He really is a step ahead of everybody, in the league.

Then there are Champ Bailey and Elvis Dumervil, not elite but great player.

IMO after them there is an interesting drop off (at the moment).

Del Rio was supposed to do better, IMO. If you want to stay positive look at his work in this perspective: he won’t be offered any Head Coach gig next offseason if this is the outcome of his defense. It would be the first time in 8 years that Denver defense would have the same DC in back to back season (the first time after Coyer). For this happening he has not to be fired.

Please Denver, since is clear that you’re going with drafting your own players over signing big FAs, so please during next NFL Draft select a MLB in the 1st round and a DT in the 2nd. Don’t be shy to pick a DT even in the 3rd round and ask Shanny a favor and get from him the list of RB stars of the 6th round of 2013 draft. Then the defense will actually look better.


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