Denver Broncos 2012 Roster thoughts – Pre Training Camp – QBs

This is intended to be the first of a series of posts related with Denver 2012 roster position by position.

The first chapter is dedicated to QBs.

Below here the four QBs on Denver roster are listed:

Hanie, Caleb QB 6-2 222 Colorado State FA – Backup
Manning, Peyton QB 6-5 230 Tennessee FA – Starter
Osweiler, Brock QB 6-7 242 Arizona State Rookie
Weber, Adam QB 6-3 221 Minnesota DEN – PrSquad

Surely, barring training camp injury, Peyton Manning will be the starting QB.

For a roster point of view, is interesting to put down some considerations about which will be the depth chart after Manning.

Osweiler was a 2nd round pick this past draft and, most probably, a John Elway pick. He has a roster spot assured, but will he be a backup or 3rd stringer in his rookie year?

This question is basically more important for understanding who will be the third QB on Denver roster on opening day (and IF Denver will carry two or three QBS on the 53 man roster) than to define who’ll be Denver QB for the after Manning (Osweiler will be).

IMO Hanie won’t be on the opening day roster if he’s not able to beat out Osweiler for the backup role. This thought makes sense to me for a team building point of view and for a monetary point of view too.

For a team building point of view if Hanie is not the second best QB in the eyes of coaches, he won’t be trust neither by players if he would ever have to step in a game during the season.

Plus he signed 1 year contract worth 1,25 millions. It’s not too much for a depth QB but for sure Weber contract numbers won’t even be close to 1 million. So, in my opinion, in a business point of view it makes much more sense to cut Hanie and keep Weber if Denver (and is an realistic option) is going to carry three QBs on the 53 man roster.

In the case that Hanie is able to make his few NFL starts valuables and win out the Backup role, Osweiler will be the third stringer and Weber will be the odd man out.

My take is that if Osweiler will win the back-up role, Denver will only carry two QBs on the 53 man roster. Weber will be asked to be a Practice Squad member and Hanie will be cut. And I think this is also the most probable solution, at this point.

If Hanie will clearly prove to be the second best QB, Denver will carry three QBs on the 53 man roster and Weber could be assigned to the Practice Squad but most probably he won’t and he’ll be free to find the best opportunity for his career.


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