Denver Broncos, Brian Xanders part ways

Yesterday Brian Xanders was “let go” by Broncos Vice President John Elway.

There won’t be a official General Manager in Denver, but Elway will be the one.

Also, back in January, Elway promotes Matt Russel from college scouting director to Director of Player Personnel.

In March Mike Sullivan was then hired by Elway for being the new Salary Cap Specialist.

With Keith Kidd remaining the Director of Pro Personnel the were no room anymore for Brian Xanders.

It looks like that last year just after to come aboard, Elway wanted Xanders to remain in charge one year in a way to teach to Elway himself rhe tricks od NFL Front Office.

Sure now Elway has experience and hired his people to run the competences he won’t. Xanders was the odd man out but IMO he was knowing that this was going to happen as soon as the Sullivan hire was done.

Go Broncos!!!


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