Denver Broncos 2012 Draft Analysis part 1 – 2nd day of the Draft

To better understand the Broncos draft the all the selections have to be taken in count.

Denver didn’t have a “sexy” draft in terms famous names of college football prospects. The Broncos showed a lot of guts and great scouting work drafting big effort players that were flying under the “Draft professional analysts or guru” radars, something that I really do like and gives me tons of confidence for the present and the future of the organization.


What in my opinion Denver did is to address depth at all the roster positions the FO felt were thin or needed better talent.

So with the 36th pick Denver selected DT/UT Derek Wolfe from Cincinnati and he could be the player the FO was looking for adding pass rushing skills to the interior of the defensive line. I watched all the video of him I could before the draft and what I saw is that this guy really was able to get penetration in the opposing backfield at the college level. My knock on him was that he looked to me quite raw with technique and looks a little bit light for generating the same furious rush in the NFL. Anyhow, after listen his live interview just after his selection and after watching his press interview I have no doubt that this player will do everything he can to be the best player in the league, at that is pretty much what a professional organization could ask to a young player. I’m really happy of Denver selecting him because he has skills that were missing in the roster and because Denver had the guts to go against the consensus general knowledge and stayed true to their board selecting him ahead of the more heralded (by the national press) Worthy, Still and Reyes.


With the 57th pick Denver selected QB Brock Osweiler from Arizona State (a college program that was kind of friendly in this draft for Denver). This is the pick I like less, I actually don’t like at all, because I tough that our FO was going to again draft some kind of player that would be able to contribute some already in 2012. I still think there were a lot of talent on the board and that a really talented player at another position could be chosen at that point. Anyhow after seeing all the other Denver selections (and UDFA signings) my anger for this pick is converted to just a doubt. Is clear that Denver FO really likes him and there were no chances he could have slip into the 3rd round: as a matter of fact Houston (that hold the 58th pick) traded their selection in few seconds after the Broncos picked Osweiler, so, even if apparently all the teams drafting in the 2nd round have no need at QB, actually for this specific position a ream does not have a need to trade up and select a QB that likes. I really do think that Houston was going to draft him with the 58th pick, and because Denver picked him at 57th they traded away their selection.


With the 67th pick (Denver traded up 20 spots from 87th, surrendering the 120th overall pick) Denver selected RB Ronnie Hillman for San Diego State. This player brings to the roster the quickness and suddenness that was missed on the running backs pool. Also he is not afraid to run between the tackles and has really good hands. In my pre-draft evaluation I was associating Denver to more press heralded players (Polk, Turbin i.e.) and again Denver FO did a great job going for a player that, even not as a starter, adds new skills to the offense weapons. I think that is a great addition.


Overall during the 2nd day of the Draft Denver FO main focus has been adding skills players that could bring to the roster game changes capabilities that the team didn’t had in 2011. The roster is getting more talent overall and I think that a great job has been done by Denver college scouting finding players that could contribute early one even without having a starting role and so much more pressure in terms of production.


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