With the 188th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft The Denver Broncos select

Danny Trevathan, OLB/ILB, Kentucky, Sen, 6-0, 230 lbs

My evaluation: “Light frame, good tackler, good feeling locating the football. He Can play just needs to gets stronger and bigger. Right now he could be pushed around by big and Strong NFL Olineman”.

 Wow, again Wow….this guy can play…I don’t know who is not gonna make the team…but this guy will give everything he has to make it and will be a really good football player…..Fantastic selection!!!!!

 Go Broncos!!!! Fantastic 3rd Day…fantastic, I really do feel that Denver FO improved the football team…I still don’t get the Osweiler pick in terms “let’s win now”…but the rest of the selections are awesome all together!!!! Great Job!!


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