With the 57th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft The Denver Broncos select

Brock Osweiler, QB, Arizona State, Jr, 6 – 7, 242 lbs

My evaluation: “He’s still raw. From an Athletic point of view he has everything a QB need to succeed in the NFL. Still he needs to learn and looks more comfortable throwing the ball deep than in a short range…due IMO by the fact that he has to learn to read defenses and do a better job with his timing.”

I’m not wrong giving him a 5th round grade.

Actually John took a very bad decision. Even his son is a very good friend of the new Broncos Holder.

Ugly pick. Could we just pick somebody that could help winning the Superbowl in the next 3 years???????

My Boy…this is really depressive.


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