With the 108st pick in the 2012 NFL Draft The Denver Broncos select

Philip Blake, OC, Baylor, Sen, 6-2, 311 lbs

My evaluation: “He does a good job with his feet and is also doing a fine job reaching the linebackers and block. He plays with nastiness and I like it. I think he’s a little bit underrated, tough his height is average for a Olineman. I think he could do a fine job in the NFL sooner rather than later and could be selected even earlier than the 3rd day of the draft if a team is in need of a Center to compete for the starting job. Denver situation is different. DJ Walton is a solid player IMO and has still upside. I don’t think that the team is willing to let Manning start under a rookie or a player that does not have enough playing experience in the NFL and Walton, though young, has already two full years of experience and played in Denver system. Anyhow Blake is a good prospect that does a good job and looks to be a keeper”.

Since what I wrote…I cannot say anything bad….but Denver could had gone OG/OC in the 5th or 6th round.

Still another really solid pick.


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