+2012 NFL Draft – Day 2 Live Grades

Selection Team Player College Trade Grade
33 STL  Quick, WR  Appalachian State NO  D: Jeffery and Hill are way better player and overall Jeffery is NFL ready. Quick not. 
34 IND  Fleener, TE  Stanford  NO  A: Agree with the selection
35 BAL Upshaw, OLB  Alabama   NO A:  Agree with the selection
36 DEN Wolf, DT   Cincinnati NO  C+: ok a a Undertackle, but I like Crick much more. I hope this guy won’t be injured every three games. I like anyhow the out of the box thinking. 
37 CLE  Schwartz, T  California  NO  B: I like Martin more but Schwartz could have better upside.
38 JAC  Branch, DE  Clemson  NO  A: Great pick in a position of need
39 STL  Jenkins, CB North Alabama  NO  D: way to go for giving example to young guys….Jenkins should have gone in the 4th at best just for teach young players to not make mistakes over mistakes, I don’t care that he’s by far the most talented player on the board. 
40 CAR  Silatolu, OG    NO  D: Glenn, Konz and Martin on the board???? Ugly ugly pick
41 BUF  Glenn, OG/OT Georgia  NO  A: Agree with selection 
42 MIA   Martin, OT  Stanford  NO  A: Agree with selection 
43 NY Jets  Hill, WR Georgia Tech Yes, SEA: NY Jets moves from 47th to 43rd  A: Agree with selection  
44 KC  Allen, OT  Illinois  NO  B: David, OLB, would have been a better pick for them. Good for the Broncos
45 CHI  Jeffery South Carolina  Yes: STL (CHI moves from 50th to 45th)   D: a small Brandon Marshall playing in the same team of Brandon Marshall? What Chicago is doing in this draft?
46 PHI  Kendrick  California  NO  B: understand the pick but Tank Carder is the best ILB on my board
47 SEA  Wagner, ILB  Utah State  from NY Jets  D: are the Seahawks gonna play 3-4 defense? If they will, they’re having a heck of a Draft. If not….
48 NE  Wilson, S  Illinois  NO E: who? Ok, after this “who” he’ll become a perennial All-Pro, I have to go back and see if I even check videos on this guy…is McDaniel making picks for New England?
49 SD  Reyes, DT  UConn  NO B: they could do better than this. Good for the Broncos.
50 STL  Pead, RB  Cincinnati  From CHI A: Agree with the selection
51  GB  Worthy. DT  Michigan State  Yes: PHI (GB moves from 59th to 51st) A: Agree with the selection
52  TEN  Brown, OLB  North Carolina  NO C: Levonte David is twice the player.
53  CIN  Still, DT  Penn State  NO A: Agree with the selection
54  DET  Broyles, WR Oklahoma   NO C: reach
55  ATL  Konz, OC  Wisconsin  NO A: Agree with the selection
56 PIT  Adams, OT  Ohio State  NO D: pot smoker before the combine, are you kidding me?
57 DEN   Osweiler, Holder  Arizona State NO less than Z: Are you kidding me John? Seriously? What about Trumane Johnson from Montana? What about Levonte David, what about drafting somebody that could help winning the Superbowl? Is Manning going to win it all by himself? Nightmare pick.
58  TB  David, OLB  Nebraska  YES: HOU (TB moves from the 3rd round to 58th…at least this Houston trade down gives some sense to Denver drafting Osweiler…but wait to see who the Bucs select….if you’re not depressed yet…)  A: Agree with the selection. Denver miss big on a big time player to pick a friend of John son??? you’re kidding me….
59  PHI  Curry, DE  Marshall  From GB A: Agree with the selection. Another player much better than Osweiler..you’re kidding me…this is not happening….I fell asleep…isn’t it? I actually Update Denver grade for Osweiler.
60  BAL  Osemele, OT, OG  Iowa state  NO  A: Agree with selection. The Ravens knows how to draft….not like the team that drafted Osweiler.
61  SF James, RB  Oregon  NO C: Miller is still on the board, SF did you give a look?
62  GB  Hayword, CB  Vanderbilt  YES: NE (GB moves from I don’t know to the 62th)  A: Agree with selection
63  NY Giants  Randle, WR  LSU  NO   A: Agree with selection
64  IND  Allen, TE  Georgia  NO  C: two TEs? meeh
65  STL  Johnson, CB  Montana  NO  A: Agree with selection
66  MIN  Robinson, CB  UCF  NO  A: Agree with selection
67  DEN  Hillman, RB  San Diego State  YES: CLE (DEN moves from 87th to 67th) B+: Polk and Turbin on the board….but he has speed and is also the fastest RB on Denver Roster…
68  HOU  Posey, WR  Ohio State  From TB  C: there are at least 10 better WRs still on the board, or at least 20 WRs that has not been suspended by NCAA…
69  BUF  Graham, KR/WR  North Carolina State  YES: WAS (BUF moves from 71st to 69th)  D: Buffalo trade up just to select with the pick 69. Then drafting a return man, and not even the best one…is another story….
70  JAC  Anger, P  California  NO FAR WORSE THAN Z: the second team drafting a special team player (Osweiler was the first)….seriously a Punter at the beginning of the 3rd? Way to have conficence in your 2011 1st round pick!
71 WAS  Leribeus, OG  SMU  From BUF  Z: I have a FA grade on him. Shanny…are you shoked that JAC stole your Punter???? WOW….probably Denver is not having the worse draft…
72  MIA  Vernon, DE  Miami   D: yes Miami, you scouted this guy looking out of the window, right?
73 SD  Taylor, S  LSU  YES: MIAMI  F: seriously? are all this teams High? Wow…reach after reach….still Jacksonville is winning by far….a punter in the 3rd????
74  KC  Stephenson, OT  Oklahoma  NO  F: teams are drafting ramdomly….seriously
75  SEA  Wilson, QB  Wisconsin  NO A: agree with selection
76  HOU  Brooks, OG  Miami (Ohio)  From PHI B: I’m not that high on him
77  NY Jets  Davis, ILB  Arkansas State  NO C: there are better linebackers than him still on the board 
78 MIA  Egnew, TE  Missouri  YES: SD (MIA moves up from I don’t know to 78th)  D: All high again…he’s the first TE not selected by Indianapolis
79  CHI  Hardin, S  Oregon State  NO Y: Chicago made a deal with Oregon State, the Bears have to select a Oregon State prospct every year in the 2nd day of the draft. 
80  ARI  Fleming, CB  Oklahoma  NO  A; Damn it Osweiler…my man at CB is gone!!!
81  DAL  Crawford, DE  Boise State  NO  A: agree with selection
82  TEN  Martin, DT  Michigan  NO  C: not high on him
83  CIN  Samu, WR  Rutgers  NO  A: agree with selection
84  BAL  Pierce, RB  Temple  YES: ATL (BAL moves from 91st to 84th)  A: agree with selection
85  DET  Bentley, CB  Louisiana – Lafayette  NO  A: agree with selection
86  PIT  Spence, OLB  Miami  NO  A: fantastic selection in the 3rd round.
87  CLE  Hughes, DT  Cincinnati  From DEN  F: really? WOW
88  PHI  Foles, QB  Arizona  From HOU  A: agree with selection
89  NO  Hicks, DT  Regina (CAN)  NO  B: they could have done better with their first selection, but thay could even have selected a Punter….
90  NE  Baquette, OLB/DE  Arkansas  From GB  A: agree with selection…a great one.
91 ATL  Holmes, OT  Sout. MIss  From GB  C: I don’t gey it
92  IND  Hilton, WR  Florida ATL.  YES: SF (IND moves from the 4th round to 92nd)  C: a speedster…but there are better WRs out there still
93  CIN  Thompson, DT  Clemson  From NE  A: great pick, better than Hughes….but why they drated Hughes ahead of Thompson? There is to be a reason why he fell this down and hea been picked by a team that has already drafted a DT considered to be a reach.
94  NY Giants  Hosley, CB/KR/PR  Virginia Tech  NO F: pot smocker at the combine, WOW, way to go World Champions 
95  OAK  Bergstrom, OG/OT  Utah  Compensatory  A: Unfortunately a great pick by the Raiders.

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