2012 Draft – Denver Broncos 1st round reaction

I think Denver did a good job. A little bit disappointing for getting out with just an additional 4th round pick but overall trading down was the right thing to do for Denver as far the board went clean too fast for Broncos ammunition.

The really same pool of guy I was envisioning Denver could select, they’re still on the board.

I would even try to go down 5 more spots from 36 and get and extra 3rd round because the strength of this draft are rounds 2 – 3 and 4.

Good Night to everybody, here in Spain is already morning.

UPDATE: Why Denver did wise moves and one proof of it.

Let’s start with the proof: I always liked the way the Ravens were picking especially high each and every draft. What did they do this year? They Trade down to the 2nd round immediately. And even with Konz, the prospect that the most of the professional analysts were pointing out to be their pick, on the Board. Actually Konz is still on the board and the Ravens got extra picks.

Denver did the same.  

I was hoping, after a double trade down, that Denver could have gained a 3rd round pick. A high 4th round pick is still valuable in this draft and I had the impression, a fan and draft amateur ones to be fair, that in this peculiar draft there were 4 – 5 special players, other 8 – 9 really solid first round players and then something around 40 players that more or less could have the same grade: borderline 1st solid 2nd round pick. After this group there is another group of 40 players that would all be solid 3rd round players.

WRs group is especially deep, all the way down to the 6th round.

Linebackers group was really thin on top for 4-3 defenses (only Kuelchy was a clear 1st rounder) but is really deep starting from 2nd round value (Lavonte David could be Denver pick at 36th and would be an awesome pick). For Example, why David is a 2nd rounder at best for me? Because he does not have proper height. I think he’ll go off board somewhere in the middle of the second round.

About Defensive Tackles: to me is clear that Denver was not liking either Worthy and Reyes. They brought them to Denver for a visit, but it was more of a smoking screen because the rest of the NFL think that we need help at Defensive Tackle. Plus through the visit, Denver FO probably got some more information about this two players that helped to not select them. I will be shocked if Denver selects Worthy with the 36th pick, although I would understand the monetary part of the deal, in my opinion they like more some other DTs that will be available in the lower second, early third rounds. Still there is some DT prospect available in the middle rounds that could fit what the Broncos want to do (Forston from Miami could be one of these guys…and he is projected as a 4th round pick…..). And for finishing my DTs thoughts ask yourself this: are all this prospects (Worthy, Reyes, Still) clearly better players that Marcus Thomas? Would you give them a bigger contract that the one Thomas is probably asking? Me not, because at least I know Thomas could play as a rotational player, at least.

About the Denver strategy I already shared here my opinion but I would like to add one more thing.

In this draft, having enough ammunition to be free to move in between the 2nd and the 3rd rounds is really a blessing. There are still tons of good player that could make an immediate impact on this Denver team from day one. Take in mind that Denver is not looking for a star starter, more or less all starting positions are covered by or incumbent players or Free Agents picks (in example I would have disliked a lot the selection of Fleener at the end of the 1st round, not because he’s not an impact player, but because Denver invested in Free Agency and in the 2011 Draft and I’m really high in believing and giving the right amount of opportunities to the young players that have been drafted last year).

I’m expecting, if Denver stays put at 36th tonight, a head scratcher selection…to be more clear…they won’t select a Defensive Tackle. OLB, CB, WR, RB to names some of the positions they could feel good about at 36th, but overall Denver will pull the trigger to the Best Available Player for Denver system (let’s hope is not a long snapper..)….and I highly doubt that would be Worthy or Reyes. Could be Devon Still, but I guess that he could be selected in the middle of the 2nd round (so Denver could look to trade down few spots again).

One other though. Since the starting of the evaluation process I’m saying that Denver is quite happy with his Offensive Line. The Broncos FO just confirmed it. They passed on Konz, Glenn and Martin. The three of them could start right away for a good number of teams. I’m just imagining how excited Arizona FO should be right now (they need help at the offensive line)….they could really be another Denver trading partner….Denver would receive another 4th rounder and then will move up some spots in the 2nd again (from the 13th – 12th to the 8th for example) to pick his player. Offensive Line is something that, like whisky and wine, gets better with time, with more or less the same players playing together for some years. Denver would look for OLine depth later in the draft, but probably, and wisely IMO, never really looked to “upgrade” the starters with a 1st round selection.

I like a lot the opportunities that Denver created trading down, in my opinion our FO did a great job sticking to the true value of the board.

GO Broncos!!!!!


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