Pre Draft toughts – version 26.04.2012

Some Pre – Draft Thoughts:

1) In the Post Draft conference Elway will say the Broncos picked the best player for the organization, whoever will be the pick.

2) Don’t expect Denver to draft a Defensive Tackle early.

3) Expect to say meeeh at the Broncos 1st round pick.

4) Expect Elway to say, in the post draft interview, to say that the guys they were looking for were all off board at 25.

 5) Don’t drink too much, or yes do because Peyton Manning is a Denver Broncos!!!

6) Expect Mel Kiper having Mel Kiper hair.

7) Expect Jets fan making noise the whole night.

8) Expect the worldwide leader to miss a pick because of commercial.

9) Expect the worldwide leader to miss the Broncos pick.

10) Cheers for the Raiders that will have to wait until late tomorrow night to play the game.


The prospects I would love to be Denver Broncos:

Jared Crick

Joe Adams

Travian Robertson

Luke Kuelchy

Chris Galippo

Juron Criner

Keenan Robinson

Miles Burris

Darius Nall

Josh Chapman

Good Draft to everybody!!!!! and…. Go Broncos!!!!!!

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