Denver Broncos Mock Draft – Before Draft Edition v3.0

 1st round – pick 25 (25th overall):

Case A: Broncos stay put at 25.

Alshon Jeffery – WR: He would be a great weapon for the Broncos, adding a possession WR similar to Brando Marshall that can produce right now would give a lot of quality to Denver depth. Could easily be that Kirkpatrick and Cox will be gone at 25, in this case the real playmaker left on my personal board is Jeffery (although I’m starting to think that he could be gone too). Another option could be Jamell Fleming, CB from Oklahoma who is really underrate IMO.

Case B: Broncos Trade Up at 21 (Cincinnati) or 22 (Cleeveland):

Dre KirkPatrick  – CB: Denver FO really likes this big cornerback and moves up to select him (4th round pick would have to be traded).

Case C: Broncos Trade Down at 28 (Green Bay).

Jamell Fleming  – CB: Green Bay try to anticipate Baltimore and New England and trade with the Broncos (4th round pick and probably 7th round pick gained by the Broncos): Denver realize a good trade and select and underrated CB that would bolster depth and challenge Porter for playing time.


2nd round – pick 25 (57th overall):

Brandon Thompson – DT: good round value for a good prospect that is productive both against the run and the pass.


3rd round – pick 25 (87th player selected overall: Saints lost a pick, raiders selected QB Pryor in supplemental draft 2011):

Robert Turbin – RB: Denver grabs one of the two running backs that fits the system.


4th round – pick 13 (108th overall) – from NY Jets:

Keenan Robinson – LB: a versatile LB that could rush the passer but can also play the running game


4th round – pick 25 (120th overall):

Joe Adams – WR/KR/PR: a small receiver that could play the slot position and is one of the best return specialists of the 2012 Draft.


5th round – pick 2 (137th overall) – from St. Louis Rams

Nick Foles – QB: one of the few QBs in this class that has big arms and pocket presence. He will be developed until Manning will play.


6th round – pick 18 (188th overall) – from NY Jets:

Julian Miller – DE/DT: this guy has a ton of upside and played both DE and DT in college but the most important thing is that he knows how to rush the passer.


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