2012 Denver Broncos Roster – Late March edition. Part 2: Defense and Special Teams


DE – Dumervil, Ayers (Starters). Backups: Jeremy Beal, Cyril Obiozor. There is still no veteran backup at DE on Denver roster. I think that one veteran DE has to be brought in and one or two draftees could be added too. Denver need to find an acceptable depth if Dumervil would suffer any kind of injury. In 2011 the few games he was out, pass rush was not effective even with all Von Miller efforts. Having two capable pass rushers on the field will be crucial in 2012, since the defense could face a lot more passing plays.

DTTraining camp battle between Warren, Vickerson and McBean for the starting positions. Buckups: Jarmon, Siliga, Unrein. I guess Denver will try to add an experienced veteran between the remaining of FA and b June cuts or will draft a guy that Denver FO thinks could contribute a lot in the first year. I see a reason why the Broncos tried to re-sign Bunkley but were not competing in the 5M/y battle for a nose tackle; the reason, IMO, is that the FO, and every fan, is planning to score a lot more points than the previous year with Manning as the team QB, obliging opponent teams to throw the ball a lot more than before against the Broncos. Having a great NT, like Bunkley, is great, but facing a lot more of passing situations a pass rushing DT is more important for the economy of the team. McBean, a part suspension, could have the chance of his life to be that pass rusher DT that Denver needs. Last year, facing running plays for the most of the snaps, McBean had 4 sacks, a total number that is never bad for any DT. He will have to win the battle competition in training camp with Warren, I think. Vickerson could probably re-gain the weight he lost before last year training camp and will br tried at NT. Siliga is a mystery, could be that Denver sees a bright future for him and will be part of 2012 rotations at DTs in any match, or that he will be a training camp body. Jarmon didn’t make the roster in 2011; he will have a shot this year again. Unrein is a overachiever and I never bet against them…..he could make the roster again and depending if Denver won’t make any significant move on DTs corpse in the remaining of the post-season, he could even end up having more playing time in 2012. I’m not impressed with Denver DTs corpse, but neither I’m too negative. I see that the FO has a plan and I’m eager to see if the plan will succeed or not. I won’t draft a DT in the first two rounds of the 2012 draft just because fans think that is the biggest need on the actual roster.


SOLB – Von Miller (Starter). Backup: nobody at the moment. Denver needs to sign somebody or draft somebody to backup Von Miller at strong outside linebacker. Mohamed is tall enough to play the position but has not the mobility and the big body that is required to cove big Tights Ends or penetrate in the backfield and do Von Miller job. I think Denver should find a player that could be physically similar to Von Miller con could play similar position he’s playing. Of course I don’t think that there is somebody put there in the draft that could be like Von Miller, but somebody that could cover TEs and put some pressure to QBs too should have be in the top of Denver board starting the 4th round. If there is nobody out there that the FO thinks could be the successful Von Miller Backup, I‘d like the team to bring back Haggan because he is versatile and he is a strong presence inside Broncos locker room and could help developing Mohamed, Irving the linebacker that Denver will draft in this year draft.


WOLB – DJ Williams (Starter). Backup: Woodyard, Iwuh. DJ Williams has 6 game suspensions starting the year. Woodyard has been signed as insurance backup. Iwuh was signed at the end of last year for special team duties. Woodyard could also be used as ILB in obvious passing situation in case Irving is not able to win out Mays for the staring gig during next training camp. Denver could easily draft a WOLB even soon in the Draft.


ILB – Training camp battle between Irving and Mays. Irving will be given the chance to battle with Mays and win the starting role, especially if he shows that could be a better coverage ILB than what actually Mays is. Denver still could draft a ILB early in the draft and I foresee, in this case, Irving being moved to WOLB and be prepared to substitute DJ Williams in 2013 or 2014.


CB – Bailey (Starter). Training camp battle between Porter and Goodman. Nickel Starter: training camp battle between Harris and Thompson. Backup: Vaughn, Robinson, Moore, Carter. Porter will be the starter barring NO bounty suspension or injuries. He’s really talented and if he will be in the position to play all the regular season he will show that he is the best Champ partner since D-Will. Goodman is a good insurance for Porter injuries or suspension. Nickel corner: Harris did a great job last year considering that he entered the league as CFA. This year he will be asked to do his nickel job even better. Being him an overachiever, I’m not betting against him, but it could also be that he does not have room for improvement…..we’ll see. Sid’quan Thompson, if healthy, will for sure challenge Harris. He is another overachiever, so it could be interesting to see a battle between these two guys that I both like a lot. Considering also that opponent offense will be obliged to throw the ball more against Denver, CB position, after Manning signing, became the most dire need and the Broncos did a great job signing Porter. The job could not be done yet. The Draft is quite deep at CB and the Broncos could draft a CB even with their 1st pick, IMO. It will be an interesting training camp for the CB position….a lots of guys competing and Denver will be really good next year at this position, I’m pretty sure.


STraining camp battle between Carter and Bruton (SS) and between Adams, Moore and Bush (FS). Although Adams is the only experienced veteran on the roster, I can see a battle between him Moore and Bush in training camp. I actually think that Adams will win out in 2012, but I forecast trouble for him to retain it in 2013…I guess one between Moore and Bush will be ready to take over by then. I would give Carter the SS starting node because his promising performances in the playoffs. Bruton also played better than expected, though I had no expectation at all. Bruton is important for the team for his special team skills. If one of these 5 will have to be released, I forecast Bush not because being the worse, but because Moore was a 2nd round pick by this very same Front office and will be given one more year to develop in a goo-decent player for Denver.



Special Teams

LS – Lonie Paxton. He is a good long snapper. No need to find a replacement.


K – Prater. He has been franchised. Hopefully he will not be required to be this much determinant for Denver next year. I think the FO did well not giving him a big big deal this year, next year his value will be smaller.


P – Colquitt. Like for Prater, Denver FO is forecasting that his importance for the team will decrease in 2012 because the team won’t rely that much on special team’s performances.


KRTraining camp battle between Vaughn and Caldwell. Possibly Denver could draft high some guy that has really good returning skills. Actually for KR at least Denver has some options already on the roster. I would welcome an Upgrade, anyhow.


PR – Eric Decker. He could do it. He scored a touchdown in 2011 week 1 against the Raiders. So he could do it but I would like him to be just a WR. He could be a great one for Denver. I hope Denver will draft a return specialist that could be the new PR and KR in 2012.


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