2012 Denver Broncos Roster – Late March edition. Part 1: Offense

Denver changed the focus of its Team building this March, signing Peyton Manning and facing the main challenge to turn a rebuilding team in a contender in a pan of one offseason.


This is Denver roster at the moment and I’ll list who is actually a starter (IMO) and possible Training camp battles for starting positions.




QB – Manning (Starter). Backup: Hanie, Weber. Denver is said to wish to bring 4 QBs at training camp. Denver could still sign Dennis Dixon (Steelers) or draft a QB in the 2012 Draft.

RB – McGahee (Starter). Backup: Ball, Moreno, Johnson, Omon, Fannin. I still think that Denver will add a new RB during the draft. Ball, Johnson, Omon and Fannin will battle in training camp for a roster spot. Moreno could be cut or could be used and shine as “3rd down back”, I bet I’ll be a great one.

FB – Sylvester. I don’t know if Denver is interested to have a full back in the roster. If they want, Sylvester will be their first option; Virgil Green could be another real possibility given his ability to block (he showed last year) and could be easily used also in the passing game. He would be a miss match.

TE – Tamme (Starter). Jacob Tamme will be the starter, both because he’s the best pass catcher on the team, at this point, and because his common root with Manning. Dreessen will be the blocking tight end, he will be used a lot in Denver running scheme and also bring pass catching skills that rarely blocking tight ends have. Julius Thomas could be the incumbent star if he could develop a little bit his route running and I think the team loves him, even more now that Manning will throw the ball a lot more than a normal Fox offense. Virgil Green has 4 game suspension and looks like the odd man out if the Broncos are going to carry only three TEs in the final roster. Anyhow he did a good job last year and could be used as halfback too. I would love to see more from him on Sundays and I think Denver should have him in the roster in September. Cornelious Ingram was in the practice squad at the end of the year and will battle in training camp for a roster spot. I don’t know haw many chances he has to make it but he had great draft analysis coming out of college. If he could put it together he could be a pretty good player in the league.

WR – Thomas, Decker (Starters). Backup: Caldwell, Hill, Willis, Goodwin, Dell, Orton, Toone, Grisham. Demarious Thomas and Eric Decker have shown last year that they could be stars in the league. Sure Thomas has injury concerns and Decker has to get back from the ACL injury he suffered against Pittsburg in the wild card game, but I guess Denver is pretty happy of the way they developed last year. Now having Manning at QB makes any receiver better and probably the team is looking between the backups I listed here to find another one or two reliable receiver to give Peyton more options. Still the Broncos are a run team, so the 3rd and 4th receiver options better should think and improve their run blocking skills because for sure whoever has it would make the final roster. I can also see the Broncos taking a look at WRs during the draft. Wright was my Broncos 1st round pick at the beginning of March, now I should re-evaluate the pick based on Denver free agents movements. A part from Wright, there are a lot of WRs in this year Draft and I think that although not is not a position of need, Denver could select a WR or two if the best player available philosophy is respected, especially from the 3rd or 4th round down. There will be a big battle for WRs roster spots on training camp and the ones that could block and get in touch better with Peyton will be on the roster on opening day.

Tackles – Clady (Starter at LT), camp battle at RT between Franklin and Harris. Backups: Tony Hills, Chris Clark and Adam Grant. Clady is clearly the starter at the most important position in the offensive line. Although I envision Franklin as the starter at RT, I also think that Ryan Harris, if healthy, will make a strong push in training camp for the starting spot, especially if the O-Line scheme is getting back to a more pure zone blocking scheme. Chris Clark was the 3rd tackle on the roster last year and was used in the running plays. Tony Hills was a Steelers pick up that is more of a unknown player for a normal fan like me. Adam grant was a practice squad member in 2011 and a CFA pick up by Denver. He was undrafted especially because injury concerns. He too is an unknown player although I always root for practice squad O-Linemen. I see chances for Denver to draft a Quality developmental T late in the draft too (somebody that could be developed to backing up decently Clady if he goes down with injury).

Guards – Kuper (Starter at RG), camp battle between Beadles and C.J. Davis. Kuper is the only clear starter. Beadles is the less sure starter from last year front 5. Peoples believe that C.J. Davis has a shot at Beadles starter spot, I disagree, but I’m still taking in count these voices and I’m listing a camp battle between Beadles and Wilson, that is up to beadles to lose. The looser will be the main backup. I guess the bronco should try to find another backup in the Draft (or in the case they draft Cordy Glenn they’ll probably use Beadles and Davis as backups).

Center – DJ Walton (Starter). Backup: Ramirez. Ramirez could back up at Guard too and he was re-signed since he was a FA. This move was surprising even though I like when a team is creating continuity in the O-Line. I’m on board with the ones that say that the O-Line has to be thought as a unit. This said I think Denver needs to bring in real competition for Walton and most realistically, somebody that could challenge Ramirez for the backup role. It is unfortunate that 2012 centers raft class is not looking great on paper.