Peyton Manning signing “consequences” on Denver Broncos roster and free agents movements.

 I guess that saying Peyton Manning signing with the Broncos changed completely the roster and player movement direction for Denver 2012 free agents and draft selections.

Here goes my take.

First of all, a lot more free agents will be willing to come to Denver and play with Manning for a Super Bowl title. Plain and Simple.

Tracy Porter, the CB that intercepted Manning for a pick 6 during NO-IND Super Bowl is actually today in Denver for a visit. He’s a good cornerback, not Champ but really great complement to Champ. He has some injury concern. He might would not have the wish to visit Denver if not for Manning. The same could be said for Jeff Saturday (even more in his case) and could be that Dallas Clark could come for a visit too and many more good player that are wishing for a fair shot to the Super Bowl…..actually what happened in the two year before Elway and the Broncos walked away from the Qualcom Stadium in San Diego with the Lombardi Trophy.

So much more quality veteran players could be chosen by Denver FO and eventually brought to the team. This is the first and most direct result of signing Peyton Manning, a part for having Peyton Manning at quarterback itself….but this will require a special post with all my thoughts.

A second consequence is the change of role for some players already in Denver Roster.

Denver will play more vertical pass game than last year. Receivers and receiver Tight Ends will count really more in the economy of each Broncos game. This means that Julius Thomas will have to step up and probably will play an important role in the future of the organization. I firmly believe that, since Fells and Rosario are already gone in free agency, Denver will now look deeper in the Tight Ends pool because experience is needed. Main candidates, of course, are the two free agents TEs that have played with Manning in Indianapolis until last year: Clark and Tamme. Clark is getting older but he would still bring experience and leadership to the receiving corps. Tamme is an interesting option too; he really exploded as a player in 2010 after being backup to Clark since 2008 when he was selected by Indianapolis in the 4th round. If I would have to decide between the two, I would go with Clark, I would ask him to mentor Julius Thomas and Virgil Green. I believe in these two young guy and I love to see own draft pick to develop in great players.

Wide Receivers also will have plenty of opportunities to shine. Denver, IMO, already has good young player that could develop in starts in Decker and Thomas. Another wide receiver will be brought in, it does not have to be an high round pick (although I still think that Wright in the 1st makes a lot of sense for Denver, even more now that Manning is the QB and Royal is a Charger). I expect great competition in training camp between all the WRs, the ones in the roster will have the chances to receive ball from Peyton Manning.

Offensive Line: Jeff Saturday could be the first quality veteran to be brought in. He is a FA and is quite realistic that he would decide to follow Manning if not for personal reasons or a really bigger economical offer by another team that also has a shot to greatness in 2012.

Left Tackle is settled; probably Denver should offer an extension to Ryan Clady if he shows good feeling playing with Manning during training Camp.

Guards: here Denver has to know exactly when Chris Kuper will be back 100% after is broken leg in week 17 of 2011 season. Zane Beadles is the less favorite o-lineman by the fans and DJ Walton also share a not good reputation though a lot of Broncos fans. Me? I like both of them, they’re young and got better though the year. Eventually JD Walton could backup Saturday a year or two and learn from him, Beadles could be pushed by a newcomer or Franklin in case the Broncos go with Harris at RT or sign a new RT body through FA or, more probably, during the draft. I still think that Denver offensive line is quite good and getting better. If a good experienced veteran could be brought in (Saturday) it would be great for these young players to learn tricks and how to be a winning player from him. It would be great for the future of the organization, not only for the present days.

Running back: I don’t like Addai that much. I still would prefer to add a running back in the middle rounds of the Draft to couple with McGahee and I would use Knowshon Moreno as third down back or, for saying, as receiving back; his receiving skills are exception for a running back and he could use in a lot of different formations that with Manning throwing the ball, could all be really dangerous and keep opponent defenses off balance the most of the time. I don’t see RB as a priority anymore now that Peyton Manning Denver offense will be for sure more equilibrated and the running game won’t see 60 touches per game, like some of 2011 unbelievable wins (@KC…just one example).

In conclusion, between all the players already on Denver roster, I can see Julius Thomas and Knowshon Moreno being the two that could have a career year in 2012 with Manning and which actual value on Denver plans increased by a mile with just Peyton autograph on a Denver contract.


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