Denver Broncos 2012 Free Agents Acquisitions

This post contains the list of Denver Broncos acquisitions through free agency (including re-signings) and my thoughts on each contract.

I will update it from time to time.



Acquired From


Roster Position


Mike Adams



Experienced Free Safety, good in coverage, not so good in the box. Given his 2011 stats, is a good addition by the Broncos, depending on the money they spent on him. Bring experience at a position of need of it and coverage skills that could instantly help the line up and possibly helpMooredevelopment.


Peyton Manning


 5y/96M Incredible signing. Incredible boost for the whole Broncos Organization. Now I’m not sure how many more games the Broncos will win this year. It could be a lot more than last year if Manning will play at the 90% of his usual standard. But this move will give enormous confidence to the rest of the roster, especially to veterans players like Champ Bailey that what just wish is to have a shot to a ring. It will also have a big big impact to all the young players on the roster. To be in contact with a a sure fire first ballot Hall of Famer that is actually one of the best QB to ever play the Game, is always something memorable for any player and boost the efforts of any player to reach the best they could do for the team. I think is right to say thatDenverhas now the potential to win the AFC West again, but without the help of tiebraker. This is an unbelievable signing for all Denver Broncos Community. Cheers mates!!


Joe Mays



The Broncos FO re-sign incumbent starting MLB that had 22 missed tackles last year. It was also his first year as a starter. This move is interesting to understand what Jack delRiowants to do with his defense. Del Riowas a good linebacker in his playing days and has reputation to build his defense starting by linebackers corps. With some good MLB out there in free agency,Denverbarely took a look at them, having one of the biggest cap-space between all the team and bringing in Manning for competing for a Superbowl berth. In my opinion it means thatDel Riolikes what he has seen on Mays and together with LB coach Smith both think that he could get better and/or one between Irving and Muhamad could eventually step up and be the leader starter MLB Denver needs since Al Wilson got cut back in 2007. I believe in them. Good move. Update: He will have 4 millions guaranteed in 2012. Little bit too much IMO. Anyhow, I read somewhere that the complete deal is 3 years 10 millions. Probably Hayes and McClain asked for more than that andDenverdoes not see neither of them being a better option than Mays. Who knows….


Wesley Woodyard



Denversurprise almost all his fans and firstly go and re-sign his own LB free agents. There were a lots of rumours between fans about this year being the year that the Broncos could have improved his LB corps through free agency. Instead whatDenverdid firstly is to bring back its owns. Interesting move. Woodyard value for Denver raised up a lot after the new that DJ Williams has been suspended for 6 games, WW could step in and play good football in place of DJ Williams and he can still mix up a bit wit Mays for 3rd down coverage MLB in obvious passing situation. About suspensions, it weird thatDenvermade a rush to Woodyard to cover the WOLB hole and is still is showing little interest in re-signing Bunckley, that had a career year last year, while McBean also was suspended for 6 weeks….. It also surprises me that Denver brought back both WW and Mays, I could see one of the two back with th team, but obviously Del Rio had something to say about these two players and could be right to guess that I liked what they bring to the team more that investing money in some more heralded free agent. Great Move.


Manuel Ramirez



Interesting move becauseDenversigned CJ Wilson on February. I though Ramirez was a backup and since he didn’t played a lot whole, that he would have be gone and that Denver would have look for more competition and at least better competition at G and C. I guess I was pretty wrong and the Broncos think more about Ramirez than the average Bronco fan. Lets see where this sign is going to, but I understand that bringing back somebody that knows the system in place is more valuated by the Broncos than somebody more expensive and more heralded but with less knowledge onDenversystem. Of couse I’m not referring to Nicks, Grubbs or top tier G that were on the market at the beginning of FA…..they were out of budget for whatDenverwas going to look for in FA. I like the approach to draft and develop own O-Lineman, I really like it.


Andre Caldwell



Mehh move. Obviously I think the Broncos saw in him more that what I could see from his highlights….I really do hope. His stats are nothing to write back home and also his track as return man are not fantastic, thought they’re interesting andDenverneeds a returner. Could he be an offensive weapon with an healthy Manning? Sure, also because everybody would be. What is a little bit unexpected is thta the Broncos really like him because they didn’t let him leave the building. The second most important Broncos fan site report that he is “a willing blocker” and will compete for being the third WR” (Z or flanker is some offensive scheme)…..I start to guess that the site is willing to give too much positive information to the fans….expecially today that is the first day of After Tebow. Mehh move, I guess in CFA could be possible to find some undersized speedy WR or RB that could be a good returner and find a better option for the third receiver…..expecially with the guys already on the roster….weren’t the Broncos high on Dell last training camp before he got injured?….Mehhh even more.


Tracy Porter

New Orleans


He is a talented cornerback. Not a Champ, but a great number 2 cornerback that paired with champ will make Denver secondary really steady and risky land for all AFC West so-so QBs (apart Rivers if he’ll play at 2010 level….). He has injury concerns and this is the reason why he got a 1 year deal. Is good money for him (4 millions) and a greater for the Broncos. If he’ll get injured, the Broncos won’t retain him next year; if he plays all the games the Broncos will offer him a new contract almost for sure. This is the kind of acquisition that, IMO, would not happen for the Broncos, without Peyton Manning at the helm of the team. I still thinkDenvercould retain Goodman as insurance policy if Porter gets injured or suspended for a good amount of games due to the bounty program run inNew Orleansby Greg Williams & Co, but still this is probably the best CB Denver had to pair with Champ after the tragic loss of D-Will. Great movement, great deal forDenver. UPDATE: this move won’t change the possibility that Denverwill select a CB with the a first round selection, it givesDenverthe chances to go and get the best player available; if it happens to be a CB (Kirkpatrick, Jenkins, etc..)Denverwill select a CB. We, fans, could think that DT is not a major need, but I guess that the signing of Manning also changed the way Denver FO looks at it….less times during matches Denver will have to face running plays because if the offense will be able to score points seriously, the opponent will have to throw the ball a lot more. The major need shifted so from a steady D-Line to a steady secondary and pass rush. Porter is just giving a lot of fresh air and hopes in this different scenario.


Joel Dreessen



Dreessen is a blocking Tight End not shy of catching the ball. Contract terms are still undisclosed so I still didn’t make my mind up on the role Denverwants for him in the organization. He has experience and is a former CSU player, I like the signing. UPDATE: 8,5 Millions is a little bit too much for a blocking TE and even more sinceDenveralso signed Tamme. For sure one between Green and Thomas won’t make the roster….i guess Green….and IMO is a mistake. Dreesen will make the team this year and won’t next year…mmmmm move.


Jacob Tamme



This signing is really good because gives to Manning a known target. I’m little bit worried about what will happen to Green and Thomas, I like them and would likeDenverto use them more. I thought that Manning could really help them developing, since he used to turn to gold almost any receiver target he got inIndianapolis. Anyhow Tamme is a good receiving Tight End and an experienced player. Denver was really in need.


Caleb Hanie



I think Hanie should compete with incumbent 2011 practice squad Adam Weber for the 3rd QB on the team.Denver either will signDixon or draft a QB in the middle rounds of 2012 Draft. Hanie is a former CSU buffaloe and should be a cheap depth at QB.


Jason Hunter



Good signing by the Broncos FO. Actually is a re-signing. It’s a good one becauseDenverreally needed a experienced DE on the roster that could step in if Ayers or Dumervil go down with an injury. Hunter was my second favourite DE still remaining in FA, but in terms of knowledge of the system and teammate, this signing is really a good one.Denvercould now enter the Draft with the freedom to select a DE if a good one is available and not over drafting somebody because just two reliable DE were on the roster. Good move.


Britton Colquitt



Colquitt signed an 1 year deal withDenverand will be true FA next year. I think is a great move by the Broncos even if arguably Colquitt performed at pro Bowl level in 2011 and deserves Pro Bowl money. Anyhow, Denver has changed dramatically is offense this off-season and is looking for getting more touchdowns in 2012 and less punts, so it makes sense to sign Colquitt to a one year deal and see what happens in 2012 and how he’ll perform. If he’ll be again a decisive player, sure the Broncos will do whatever it takes to sign him long term, making him a true Bronco for a long time. Great FO move.


Justin Bannan

St. Louis


Safe move by the Broncos FO. Now Denveris entering the Draft without holes on the starting Team. Bannan is getting older but he can play the run. Keeping Bunkley for 5 millions per year and playing him less the the 50% of defensive snaps would have been foolish. Bannan is not the monster NT that Bunkley has been in 2011 (but only in 2011 so he was somewhat as a one year wonder) but he is still very solid against the run. The salary is still undisclosed but the Broncos succeed in getting an experienced player in a position of need before the 2012 Draft. Noe drafting the best player available could not be a fairy tale for Denver. I guess that they will add another DT through the Draft, but there’s not anymore the pressing need to draft one in the 1st or 2nd rounds picks. Great move.


Brandon Stockley

NY Giants


OK, if I would like to be popular and get somebody following this blog….I should say that this is a great move and that he’s the perfect target for Peyton Manning and that the slot receiver spot now is really in sure hands. I really loved Brandon Stockley when he was playing for the Ravens. He was the elected one to catch the one improbable superbowl touchdown throw by Trent Dilfer….and I was already a fan of him back then. He did great things for us, not only in the field, as also he most certainly tried to teach Marshall to be a professional player. But men….we brought him back because he’s a Manning buddy and he helped, and probably a lot, in the process to convince Peyton to come to Denver. This could be also really a classy if this 2012 draft would not be really loaded with talent in any round at WR….and what about Dell and other young guys on the roster that will fight to death for a spot in the team with Manning……seriously…who is going to cut Stockley late in August or beginning September if he’s not good enough anymore for being in the roster….me? I love the guy, I love the effort, I love the intangibles….but this is a not a good move, really. I’m sorry if anybody is reading this but is the way I feel about the signing…..still I hope that Brandon could be productive and he’ll grab his second superbowl touchdown next winter. Go Broncos!!!!


Drayton Florence



Strange move by the Broncos. This is probably a insurance against Porter going down to injury. To me it looks now that Broncos Cornerback position is quite full and that there will be a lot of competition this next training camp. We’ll see if this signing has been a wise move in some months.

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