Denver Broncos Mock Draft – March Edition v1.0

1st round, 25th pick (25th overall)

Kendall Wright – WR – Baylor: 5’ 10’’ – 196 lbs.

This kid is a playmaker. Denver could have a shot at drafting him in the first round because of his slow 40 at the combine. He still has his Pro-Day to prove he’s faster than 4.61, but I selfishly hope he won’t improve it. This guy has game speed, has game attitude and made a lot of big plays in his college career. He could be used in many ways by a creative offensive coordinator and McCoy showed in 2011 that is willing to use his players up to their best strengths.

I think that, barring that Richardson falls to 25th too, he’s the best candidate to become a Bronco. I know that CB, DT are more glaring needs, but I’m all for choosing the best player available and at 25 could be that one between him and Kirkpatrick will be there. I would chose him over Kirkpatrick because Kirkpatrick is bringing more bust potential and because was one of the big stars at Alabama. I’m little bit off college superstars, or at least at any indication of character issue I shy away from them, and Kirkpatrick has some. I’m not saying that the CB from Alabama is a bad person and I know he has been a college superstar player; I’m just giving my read over what could happen.

If Richardson is there at 25 is because medical issues. It would go down to Denver medical report on him, if Broncos medical staff cleared him medically, he will be the pick. Anyhow I still think that is unlikely that Richardson will be still on the board after the 15th pick.


2nd round, 25th pick (57th overall)

Jayron Hosley – CB/Return Specialist/S – Virginia Tech: 5’ 10’’ – 178 lbs.

This is a guy that could get it done a CB position and also bring a great football experience as return specialist too. These are two big needs for the Broncos, since I don’t think Eddie Royal will be back in Denver.

I really like the videos I saw on him and I think he’s a little bit underrated enough to let him be there at the 57th overall pick.

There could be plenty options more here: I like CB Josh Robinson too, he is fast and his video are good too, I really like his videos more that more heralded CB prospects (Dennard, Gilmore i.e.) but I do think there are less chances that he will be there when the Broncos will select. Plus he’s not a return specialist.

Brandon Boykin (CB and return specialist) could be a real alternative option if he’s still there on the board, but I like his video little bit less than the ones of Hosley and Robinson and I think he’s little bit more raw than Boykin at CB, considering also that Chris Harris is Denver Nickel CB and proved that he could be one of the best nickel corner in the league. I don’t know if he has the speed for develop in a good second cornerback to pair up with Bailey.

A defensive tackle (hopefully Brandon Thompson or Derek Wolfe more probably) could be in the talk too, but Denver went through DT conversation too last year and I think that they’ll choose another option this year too because all DT available projected from the back-end of the first round down are all little bit of a project. To select a DT that has to be developed, as I will explain later, I think there are great options later in the draft this year.

Hosley could be a first day playmaker for the Broncos. He could play Return Specialist right away for Denver and also CB, given that he has to bulk up 10 lbs at least but I think he has the frame to put this additional weight on already before training camp if rightfully advised by Denver staff. I think that if the Broncos have the chances to pick playmakers, they will. This is a team that still needs plenty of them and cannot just draft for depth this high in the draft.


3rd round, 25th pick (88th overall – Raiders spent their 3rd round pick already on QB Pryor)

Chris Polk – RB – Washington: 5’ 11’’ – 215 lbs.

He is my favorite RB in the middle rounds. I know that Wilson and Lamar Miller are more fans favorites that my horse and I have to say that I still have to see Miller videos.

I also know that since the kind of backs on Denver roster, our common fans sense would suggest that a bruiser running back would make more sense, and it actually makes a lot of sense, but seeing which kind of backs Fox used in Carolina (Steward and Williams) neither of them is a pure bruiser. They are strong backs that also have speed and acceleration.

 Polk senior bowl and combine didn’t improve at all is draft projection, so he‘ll be here in the 3rd round. I’m happy of that, because he’ll be a good or even great back in Denver system and could even replace McGahee in a couple of years when he’ll retire. He can run and can also catch passes. His videos show that he can do both. The question on him, from Denver standpoint, is: can he block consistently when Tebow run or in the passing game? I think that he’s little bit raw in this area but he can improve and be solid in this area.

Other options: here in the third really a lot, depending on how Broncos board is built. But I like this guy, and although there are several other running backs still on the board I think that he could and should be the Broncos pick (plus there was a rumor in February having the Broncos really high on him, even thinking of him as a 1st round pick……having him on the 3rd is a bargain).


4th round, 25th pick (¿? Overall – depending on compensatory picks in the 3rd round)

Logan Harrell – DT – Fresno State: 6’ 2’’ – 276 lbs.

He’s projected as undrafted. It won’t happen. The Broncos better gamble on him in the late 4th round because he probably won’t be there at the beginning of the 5th.

He has motor and will to play football, to take challenge and will have the chip on his shoulder (ala Dumervill to say) to show everybody he’s a big time player. He will fit well as pass rushing DT. He had a lot of pressures at Fresno State, and is not that he had Suh paired up with him there. He was constantly double teamed and still got to the QB a lots of times even against good teams (Boise State i.e.). He is a football player.

Really great alternative: Jake Baquette in some draft sites is listed as 4th rounder. He is a really good pass rusher DE and if he’ll be here I think the Broncos will pick him instead of Harrell, also for the reason I will show later. My take is that Baquette will be picked in the 2nd round or the 3rd round. I don’t see how he could fall all the way to the 4th round.

Other options: Jeff Fuller (WR), Asa Jackson (CB), Jack Crawford (DE), Jeff Allen (T), Brandon Brooks (G).


5th round, 2nd pick (¿? Overall – depending on compensatory picks)

Josh Pleasant – CB – Kent State: 5’ 10’’ – 181 lbs.

He should be here because all the draft sites have him, for the moment, as priority FA. Denver should gamble again, like great organizations are doing at this point of the draft and pick him right here.

He has a really good video. He’s a player that I like. He may be a little short for the position at 5′ 10” but really play hard. He hit hard, has good range, though not great, knows how to play cover corner and also has experience in zone scheme (Alabama highlights). Has noose for football both in coverage and in the running game, essentially he can recognize the play and react to that. I really do think that if he can bulk up, he could really be this year Chris Harris with potentially even more upside. He will immediately create quality depth at CB in Denver roster.

Barring personal issues or motivational issues, he would be, at this point of the draft, one of the best players on Denver board.

Other options: Terrance Ganaway (RB) I like him really more than the most of the fans and I’ll be happy if Denver would add him to the roster, Shawn Loiseau (OLB-ILB) I like him a lot too and would be happy to have him in Bronco uniform, Micah Pellerin (CB), Tom Compton (T).


5th round, 25th pick (¿? Overall – depending on compensatory picks)

Travian Robinson – DT – South Carolina: 6’ 4’’ – 302 lbs.

He is one of my favorite underrated player or the favorite. I loved his video and I can see skills there to be a good three downs DT at NFL level. He’s still projected as a priority FA, but Denver has more dire need than the most of the teams at DTs. I think Denver should pick him here even if Harrell picked in the 4th. They’re different kind of players and he has the talent now to deserve this selection and will just shine in Denver training camp and find out quality time in Denver DT rotation starting the first game of 2012 season. He will be serviceable as a rookie, he will be a starter in his second season and I can see upside, if he will be willing to study opponents and learn from veteran, that he could develop in a great starter. I even like this selection more that any DT in the second round.

Other options: in the back of the 5th? Plenty, even too many to be listed here. A couple I like: Danny Trevathan (ILB) even I think that Mike Mohammed and Nate Irving will close the door to select this high a ILB, Gerald Gooden (SOLB for the Broncos) that I selfishly hope could go undrafted.

7th round, 25th pick (¿? Overall – depending on compensatory picks)

Jereby Ebert – WR – Northwestern: 5’ 10’’ – 195

Denver will need to create depth at WR. Late round picks are really a chaos because too many players could be selected by any team.

If Jereby Ebert is there when the Broncos select in the 7th, he could be a really underrated playmaker that Denver could and should covet. Just take a look at his video in the web. He can do it all at really high college level. He could be a little bit more limited in the Pros because of his size (5’ 10’’) but nowadays there are plenty of “undersized players” that are stars in the NFL. Having an heavy running oriented offense would not make Denver a desired destination for WR free agents, so the Broncos should create his depth through the draft. If I’m right, and if Ebert his here, this selection is a no brainer.

Other options: I won’t even list them; here we are on the edge of CFA. I prefer to list my favorite CFA.

CFA that could be a great fit for Denver:

Gerald Gooden (OLB): he could develop in a really good backup SOLB in a Von Miller mold.

Josh Oglesby (RT-G): he has it all to develop in a quality RT or G. Would make the team as good depth and in the future would push for playing time. He has played in Wisconsin protecting a very mobile QB, Denver could add some point to his grade for this reason.

Donyae Coleman (S): a capable S in my opinion. I don’t think Denver would use a pick at S position, but if he goes undrafted, his skill should not go unnoticed even at Dove Valley.

Nick Sukay (S): I like him a little bit less than Coleman. He would be a great addition too and will fight hard for a roster spot.

Tim Fugger (DE): great productivity in the SEC. 2nd All-SEC team in 2011. He also has great videos.

Drew Nowak (DT): a DT with 85 tackles? Seriously I would like to take a look at him if Green Bay will allows other teams to…

Dexter Heyman (SOLB):  he created a lot of pressures at LOS in college. It could be a dark horse to make the team as SOLB in 2012.

Adrien Cole (MLB): good momento to bring him a good coverage MLB and seewhat he has in training camp.

Gabe Knapton (DE – SOLB): Raw DE. He never played SOLB. He’s a coloradan and could be under Broncos radar as local prospect.

Brian Peters (S): 6’ 3’’ – 220 lbs free safety, yes free safety not strong safety, talking about coverage….let’s see in camp if he has NFL speed.

Desmond Morrow (CB): a lot of productivity, team captain at Toledo

Garell Robinson (WR): big wide out.

Josh Chichester (TE): monster size TE.

Bradley Sowell (LT): big guy with experience at the position that could develop at backup LT. He protected a mobile QB at Ole Miss.

Lonnie Edwards (G): he’s a good guard. I will bring him to camp and let him compete for a roster spot.

Will Blackwell (G): too much experience at LSU to be passed up.