NFL Draft 2012 – Draft Sleepers for the Broncos part 1

Draft Sleepers that could interest the Denver Broncos.

I always liked underdogs. Even more when it’s about the NFL Draft.

Every year bunches of guy are selected in the 1st and 2nd round of the draft and do little or nothing then in the league.

On the other side, teams usually find starters in the later rounds of the draft or even between college free agents.

This is supposed to be a list or “under the radar” prospects (we’re still only in the beginning of March and Pro-Days are just starting) that in my opinion could succeed in Denver and give to the Broncos some more needed depth at various positions.

Ready? Here’s the first part of my personal list:

Player Position College Video Notes Combine Height Weight 40s bench press Vert. Jump March Projection Final Pre-Draft   Projection Denver   Projection
Danny Trevathan ILB Kentucky Light frame, good tackler, good   feeling locating the football. Can play. Needs to get stronger and bigger.   Right now he could be pushed around by big and Strong NFL Olineman. Yes 6′ 1′ 228   18 31.5 6th-7th round   CFA
Travian Robertson DT South Carolina Potential sleeper. Strong run   stuffer with some pass rushing capability. Good videos on him. He’s really   solid anchoring and while not really agile, he could push the pocket and find   a way to pressure the Qb. Would be a interesting addition for the Broncos,   would he be found in the late rounds, starting by the 5th round. Missed 2009   season for injury. 2nd all SEC team and Team Captain. I start to like him as   a real Broncos option to increase depth at DT with some upside to become a   solid starter. YES 6′ 4” 302 5,32 26 30 7th – FA   5th
Drew Nowak DT WMU   There aren’t many videos on the   web about him. Anyhow he is the MAC defensive player of the year. As senior   he ammassed the folowing stats: 8,5 sacks, 20 TFL and 85 takles. A DT with 85   tackles? I know that MAC is not SEC, but against Miami (the last game of 2011   season) his stats were: 2,5 sacks and 5 TFL….at Miami. I would take a shot   at him, event though it won’t be easy, being a native of Green Bay probably,   if not drafted, he will sign with them since at 6′ 4” and 295 he could play   at multiple positions in the 3-4 DL. I won’t mind if the broncos take a   chance on him late in the draft (6th round?). NO 6′ 4” 295       CFA   6th
Gerald Gooden DE/OLB Purdue I don’t know how could be that   there is few information about this guy on the web. The video I just saw   really shows he can play. He’s no overflashy, but he can push the line and   getting pressure to the Qb. He is 6′ 4”, 235 he needs to bulk up a bit and   be used as DE or OLB. He’s probably not fast enough to play OLB for a 3-4   defense, but he could get a deep look by a 4-3 coordinator that use SOLB to   put pressure to the Qb. He could be just a backup in the NFL, but I have see   enough to get the idea that he could be a really good Von Miller back-up in   denver system. NO 6′ 4” 235       CFA   6th
Tim Fugger DE Vanderbilt Deep productivity for this guy   in the SEC. Good video against Arkansas, he can to the Qb, has not flashy but   good speed. He was selected 2nd All-SEC team in 2011. As the physical look of   a SOLB too in Denver system. He’s coming off a neck injury, and didn’t get an   invite to the combine. I think he could be find on CFA and could be a good   adding in training camp and find a roster spot or practice squad spot in   Denver NO 6′ 4” 255       CFA   7th – CFA – injury
Donyae Coleman S New Mexico State   He was really productive in 2011   with the Aggies. He recorded more than 130 tackles and had 6 interceptions.   Aldo was voted 1st team all- WAC conference. I think he’ll be drafted   soemwhere around the 5th-6th round, but, as last year happened to Chris Harris,   production could be underestimated by teams on draft day. If he’ll be there   as CFA, I hope Denver could bring this guy at training camp, because he was   productive and a leader at New Mexico State, and I think he’ll play in the   NFL. NO 5′ 10” 175       CFA   CFA

Danny Trevathan (ILB) has really good video on him; I really like what I saw. Of course id an highlight so is difficult to see which are his working areas. I think that he could finally carry the same draft than Mike Mohammed the last year and could really be drafted this next draft. The reason why I assigned him a CFA grade of “Broncos Interest” is because Mike Mohammed is on the team and I suppose that Denver would not invest a similar draft pick just one year later on the same position. Anyhow if he falls to CFA, there is no reason in my mind for Denver not trying to bring this kid to training camp and compete. He will play in the NFL, my guess is that some 3-4 defense team will draft him even higher than the 6th round.

Travian Robertson (DT) is a really underrated prospect. He is really worth a draft selection in the middle round, even more for teams, like Denver, that will be probably looking for depth and potential diamonds in the rough.  By the video on him I saw, he has all the tools and skills to be successful in the NFL. Denver would immediately have a better depth at DT and could develop him in a starter in a couple of year. I think that invest one of the two 5th round picks would be a worth gamble. He’s one of my favorite sleepers.

Drew Nowak (DT-DE) is another D-Lineman that is quite underrated. I could not find any really good video on him, but I listened to some interview and check his production and both things impressed me. I was not invited to the combine, although being nominated the MAC defensive player of the year. His production was really good in 2011 and he also competed against good teams (Miami i.e.). I like him less than Robertson, and for this reason I would take him in the Draft only in the 6th round (I know that at the moment Denver has not a 6th round pick…but you never know what happens during draft day). If he’s still there in the 7th I think that Denver could think about him. As CFA he will be a great addition and will give hard times to some more known DT in training camp. In Denver he will at least make the practice squad.

Gerald Gooden (DE – OLB). I read in some article that at the combine Darius Flaming has interview with 26 teams. Well this guy here wasn’t invited to the Combine but I would like a team like Denver to try converting him in OLB. He could be the perfect backup for SOLB Von Miller. He has pass rush ability and the size to compete physically with TEs. He will be a project for a while because he will have to learn to drop in coverage, but last year this was the same knock that Von Miller faced….I’m not saying that he has the same skills than the 2011 Defensive Rookie of the year (I’m sure he won’t be the 2nd pick overall, neither the 22nd…) but if a team believe in him, I think he could develop in a good pass rusher OLB.

Tim Fugger (DE) is an interesting prospect IMO. He’s totally flying under the radar at the moment so up to now I think that Denver would have to use at best a 7th round pick and could possible trying to get him as CFA. I like his motor and he has a good number of sacks and pressures playing in the SEC. I won’t underestimate it and will give him a chance, especially a team like Denver that could be looking for better Depth at DE.

Donyae Coleman (CB-S) was a really productive CB this past year at New Mexico State. He’s a little bit short (5’ 10’’) and light (175lb) but had anyhow 130 tackles and 6 interceptions….this is productivity. He would need to bulk up, but I love production and effort. He was the leader of New Mexico State and also this is important to me. I would draft him over some bigger university late prospect also because he didn’t have the same amount of talent around him that the one that a big university prospect (LSU, Florida etc…) could had. He is probably my second favorite sleeper prospect for Denver.


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