Denver Broncos Plan and Thoughts part 8 – Depht at Wide Receivers

The Broncos could think of improving the depth of the receiver core this offseason.

They’ve already done the first movement in that direction adding Jason Hill to the roster.

About him I think that is curious that the first offseason movement has been adding a former Panther Guard (CJDavis) and the second has been adding a former Jacksonville wide receiver (Hill). I mean, I guess that they’ll be training camp bodies, because their past production in their respective former teams is nothing to write back home…

Anyhow Denver starters actually and in 2012 are Demariyous Thomas and Eric Decker. They’re two young players that made strides during 2011 season.

Eddie Royal will be a free-agent in March and will seek more receptions in another team that would believe in him more than what Denver HCs did the past three years, if Washington has money for free agency he will join Mike Shanahan and probably in 2012 will have his first 1000+ receiving yards season. He deserves it and I don’t think in what Denver is looking for in wide receivers.

Matthew Willis will be RFRA in March; I think he could be back to the team with the minimum salary and a small signing bonus. He then will compete in training camp for a roster spot, as he did the past two years and, without Royal, he is likely to win the 4th or 5th WR spot on the 53-men roster.

Denver depth at WR includes: D’Andre Goodwin, Mark Dell, Tyler Grisham, Greg Orton and Tim Toone.

D’Andre Goodwin was signed to the active roster in the playoffs but didn’t record any stat. He spent part of 2011 year in the practice squad after the Jets picked up Elon Riley. Last year in preparation for the draft (he went undrafted) he scored: 4.37 40, 32 vertical jump and 18 bench reps. These achievements waned him a training camp call by the Broncos. I can see the Broncos trying to see what they could have on him training camp, since, with Royal gone, a new punt returner has to be find. With his speed he could be a candidate. I like his name and surname, so I decided to root for him.

Mark Dell was injured during 2011 draft preparation, he went undrafted and the Broncos picked him up as CFA. In training camp he went down to injury again. He signed a future contract in January with the Broncos and he will compete in training camp. In some web page I read that last years the Broncos were really high on him on training camp and that he was going to make the 53 men roster, but he was placed to I/R on the 17th of August so I doubt the Broncos could have clear vision of bubble players already in place by that date…..not with new coaches and new FO….  Anyhow, if true, and if he would bounce back from last year injury, he could be a real finding for the Broncos.

Tyler Grisham id measurements at 5ft 1in’ and 184 lb are similar to Eddie Royal. He was in Steelers practice squad until January. He signed a future contract with Denver, so this summer he will compete at Denver training camp.  

Greg Orton was signed by Denver was brought to training camp in 2011 when Dell was placed in I/R. He was then cut on roster trimming to 53. He spent the He is 6ft 3in and 205 lb. He will compete in Training camp.

Tim Toone signed a future contract with the Broncos in January and will compete in training camp.

I don’t think the Broncos are going to be really busy in signing WRs during FA, first because I think they feel they’re set with the two starters they have and second because I don’t think that any quality WR is thinking right now that Denver could be a bright spot for his career….Denver is simply running too much for being attractive.

Instead, I could see the Broncos to draft a WR that could have the characteristic they are looking for (blocking in running game is a must for a Broncos WR).

If the situation will remain the same (guessing that the Broncos won’t draft a WR before the 3rd round or won’t draft at all and will pick up CFA) between all the bodies at training camp, I’d bet on Dell, Goodwin and Willis. If Denver will draft a rookie in the draft, one between Willis, Goodwin and Dell won’t make the roster and could be candidate to finish in Denver practice squad.

The Brandon Lloyd trade, even if belonging to 2011 season, deserves few lines here. I read too many articles radicalizing the Broncos and the 5th round pick they finally got from the St. Louis Rams.

I think Denver got it right, and an high 5th round pick this year is better that a compensatory pick in 2013 draft, Denver could use the pick for trading up and pick a player they really like or select good prospect at WR or O-Line that usually fell around this pick. It was really wise and not this bad reward for a player that wanted. Another point in Denver favour: Brandon Lloyd was originally signed for the veteran minimum in 2009 and was a major coming from nowhere story in 2010. A high 5th round pick for a 30 years old wanting out receiver that was signed out of the street???? Kudos to Denver FO…..great deal in my opinion, getting something from nothing is always rewarded in economy and running a football team is nowadays part of economy. If also the trade is opening playing time to young players that eventually develop in solid starters with star potential, then you have to respect Denver FO even more. This is the kind of movement that great organizations on the making are doing. Denver did it, really good sign for the future, IMO.


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