Draft 2012 – Denver Broncos Plan and Thoughts part 1

Last year, when John Elway, John Fox and Brian Xanders were interviewed, all together or one by one alone, about the new FO Draft Strategy, they all answered that the Broncos team had many needs and overall a better talent infusion. They all agreed that the talent was to be added to the team through the draft. They also mentioned that the best way to draft is choosing the best player available instead of to the best player available in a position of need.

One year later, Broncos fans could actually check if Denver FO draft strategy remained the same or changed.

In fact, last year draft was specifically different for the Broncos from the ones I remember. I wrote specifically because the Broncos were drafting 2nd in the first round and in the first 5 spots of any other rounds (previous to trades that eventually took place during the draft). Choosing second overall could backfire; it’s true, but also makes things really more interesting that choosing let say, 11th or 25th. Evaluating the 10 best players in a draft could be a lot easier because of the much more information and buzz that always flies around those 10 young players. I would not say it’s easy, because it isn’t, but choosing second let you draft a supposedly Elite player; meanwhile even only at 11th the Elite status is not there this often, I would say that Solid would be a great adjective to describe the player acquisition from 8-9 pick to the middle of the second round. So it looks like (just because I don’t want to jinx it) Denver got it right big time last year with Von Miller. He looks like (no jinx again) to be an Elite player and let’s hope he’ll play at Elite level for the Broncos for 10 more years. But Denver needs more Elite talent. Drafting at 25 there is no guarantee that a team would get an Elite player at all, in my opinion.

Of course, is not written on stones that Denver will draft at 25. Is a starting position that could change before or during the draft, depending mainly on the draft depth of talent, draft strategy, other teams gambles and Denver gambles. The broncos could try to trade up, if the FO really likes a certain player, or down, if the talent pool at 25 is thought by Denver to be large (get an extra 2nd and/or third rounds) or really thin (getting a next year first).

All this uncertain factors really fire me up and they are the reason why I love NFL draft this much.

So what the Broncos should do, or better, what I’d do if I would be responsible of Broncos FO?

First and most important: I will continue drafting the best player available, with no regard of the position and depth on the team roster. To stay true to the board (hopefully the board itself is true…..) would allow to add young talent to the roster and to open paths to trades that would allow drafting other players. As I said in a previous post, IMO, great organizations “get married” to only few players that become cornerstones of the organization itself. Those players have to have Elite talent.

Second: if the pick in the first round is lower than 10 and my board says that there are only 6 Elite players in the overall board, trade down. Even Elite label is no sure thing. The second round is usually full of productive players and picking 2 in the second is usually a blessing .The other way around would happen if I’d have the right picks ammunition (2 seconds rounder and 2 thirds or fourths) I’d trade up in the first five spots of the first round. If you draft 25th, the most of the time there is no Von Miller to be chose.

Third: don’t pay attention on team needs in terms of roster depth on a peculiar position. I will express this concept little bit better. What I mean is that a great organization would not draft for need if on the roster has only 3 cornerback and the best available player at corner is not in the top three at the moment of the selection. I would pull the trigger on my best available player anyhow. In June, a lot of teams are still cutting players and depth concept is important for a re-building team but not a priority. To create talent depth it takes years, drafting on best available player every year. So I won’t be crying if again the 1st pick for the Broncos on the 2012 draft will be again a SOLB.

Drafting on needs is not helping a rebuilding team; even if the need is that bad like last years was DT. Denver didn’t drafted DT at all but at the end the Broncos found 3 rookie starters from day 1: OLB, S and RT. It looks to be a really good draft, if just a couple of guys more from the 2011 draft will turn out to be starter it would be great (chose randomly between Rahim Moore, Nate Irving, Julius Thomas, Virgil Green, Mike Mohammed, Mark Dell, Mario Fannin, Jeremy Beal, Adam Grant, Greg Orton, Sealver Siliga, Adam Weber and D’Andre Gooodwin).


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