Departure of Dennis Allen and coaching changes.

Dennis Allen departure to coach the Raiders is still a punch in my stomach.

For the intermediate future point of view, Denver did well letting him go. Denver could only retain him, IMO, promising him a future Head Coach position, creating a uncertain situation with coach Fox and finally putting the team under such instability that I don’t see as good environment for a young team that wants to rebuild through the draft.

Anyhow I believe Allen will be a great HC. I still see Oakland move as a bold one that could backfire their team next year; but in a couple of years, Allen, by staying Defensive Coordinator in Denver, could have developed in a great HC and finally substitute Fox.   

Most importantly in just one year he already proved to be a great DC and his departure definitely put 2011 defense development in jeopardy, Del Rio or not.

Del Rio is a different coach, good as, better or worse than Allen, it doesn’t matter. He will bring his own vision, his schemes and will demand some type of players.

In addition, Allen for sure will try (while writing this article he already tried and Broncos already denied Allen the permission to interview Broncos LB coach Richard Smith) to bring some of Denver position coaches to Oakland.

As far as it will happen, there will be a better picture of the possible damage Oakland could do to the Broncos. I think, as I’ve already said, that coaching personnel stability is really important for a young, developing team. No matter which coach Denver could have to replace, new coaches will bring their way to teach and relationship with players will have to be built. In some case this could be far worse than losing a good player to Free Agency.

Next days will show which will be the picture, but for the moment, kudos to Fox for wanting retaining the coaching staff status quo, it’s for the better of the team development.

Go Broncos!!

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