Dawkins has to stay, even as coach.

If he wants, Dawkins should be regarded of a contract including a retiring – coaching clause.

He’s far too important for Moore, Carter and Bruton development. He has to stick around the team, playing or coaching up the youngsters.

At this point, his presence is more important than everything else, for the S position. Even more, his presence and leadership in the locker room is a must for Denver capitalizing the great ride and development of 2011 season.

To be classy, if Brian Dawkins decides to retire, Denver should also grant him the possibility to retire as an Eagle, Dawkins looks to me this much class-act that he deserves it. After that, Denver has to bring him back to the team as a coach, would this be this year topic or next year one, in the case Dawkins feels and decides that he wants still play, a la Brett Favre.

Personality such the one Dawkins has are pure football, I think he could develop in a heck of a coach too, whenever he will want it.

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