Analyzing the Broncos Team. Veterans. Chapter 1: Offense

I consider veteran a player that has at least 2 years of starting or important role duties, plus players with at least 5 years of experience in the League. Players with 2 or less years of experience, even if starters on our team won’t be part of this analysis.

Here I will list my opinion and team value on each player on Broncos roster that fit my description of Veteran.


Ryan Clady – Left Tackle: 1st round pick, 2 pro-bowl:

It’s sad to me, but IMO, the knee injury he suffered one and a half years ago affected his ability a lot. He was a stud, career pro-bowl player and now he is not anymore. This or he is not capable to adapt his full abilities to the new O-Line schemes. He is not a force in our running game. He’s pounded and pushed too much in the passing game. Still is a more than a valuable piece in our O-Line and given the fact the Left Tackles don’t grow on tree, he has to be re-signed sooner rather than later, so that he would agree to a lesser contract he would if next year he’d get back to his full capabilities. He is, IMO, an average to good starter by League average at the position; good starter in this Denver team. The coaching staff should find somebody to coach up slowly in case of meltdown by the stretch. He did the Pro Bowl this year as replacement. This doesn’t change my thought about his play this year, but also could show how much I have to improve in football analysis.

Daniel Fells – Tight End: Free Agency 2011 under the radar:

Fox never used, in his scheme, a lot of tight ends receiving duties. He did a good to great job for us at times this years, he’s to only TE on the roster capable of athletic catches and some blocking altogether. But overall is worth an upgrade. Here has to hoped that at least one between Thomas and Green develop this spring and could be able to take over Fells duties next year. Would be a sign of the Organization going in the good direction and Fells could stick in Denver 1 or 2 more years, more on back-up responsibilities.

Spencer Larsen – FB: 6th round pick (as ILB):

He is still one of my favorite players on the roster; I never understood why he never got a real shot at ILB,….too slow? Still he is doing a great job at fullback and I would like him to stick in Denver until we win a Superbowl, because we’ll win it all at least once in the next five years. Anyhow fullback duties are not in big demand and most of the fullback could be picked up on CFA or on the street, so renewing his contract could be difficult. Anyhow IMO he is the ultimate team guy that always put the team ahead. It will be hard to see him go.

Eddie Royal – Wide Receiver/PR: 2nd round pick:

We will let him go. I don’t know what happened between his first and second year (McDaniels?) but anyhow for some reason he is not the player he has been his rookie year. He was phenomenal WR then (under Shanahan) he is a really good (but not elite) punt returner now. He’s often injured, not big injuries but he is always battling some of them. He will be a free-agent at the end of the year and he will be in another team roster next year.

Brady Quinn – QB: trade (Cleveland) Free Agency 2010:

He probably played 10 snap for us and he was not looking good while playing them. Good in pre-season at times, but not sure thing. He will be free agent this spring and I think it will depend on him to decide for a backup role for life in Denver with not a huge contract (because Denver wisely won’t offer him big bucks) or to find another team where he could fight for starting duties. I think the latter will be the case, leaving Denver with the ass on the air for the backup QB position. He should be re-signed, but that will depend more on QB vacancies around the league, being him a former 1st round guy, he will have the pride to go somewhere to fight for being the starter.  It could be funny if he will end up back in Cleveland and Payton Hillis back in Denver….

Manny Ramirez – Guard: Free Agency 2010 under the radar by a mile

To be true, I don’t know anything about this big guy, apart than some pre-season failures this year and that he started 12 games for the Lions when they use to suck badly. I think he’s being used in special teams and could be easily replaced by some rookie this summer.

Dante Rosario – Tight End: Free Agency (twice) 2011 under the radar

He was playing tight end in Carolina under Fox the past 4 years, even receiving 32 balls in 2010… he made a nice catch this year and he probably can block, because I usually see his 81 jersey during our 4th quarter come backs. Again, as for Fells, for the good of the Organization, it has to be hoped that Green and Thomas would develop this spring enough to give Fox reasons to let him go. I have nothing against Dante, but 4 roster spots for the tight end position are too many and between him and Fells, I was more impressed by Fells.

Chris Kuper – Right Guard: 5th round pick

I love him as a football player. He is our most experienced O-Line guy and although he’s still making errors from time to time I hope next year (giving that the O-Line will be the same) he will make the Pro Bowl. He is that kind of player. He is a pure football player from North Dakota university born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. This is the definition of football.

Willis McGahee – Running Back: Free Agency 2011

If he’s not going to the Pro-Bowl this year, it would be high robbery. He defines our running game together with Tebow. Without him we’re not as dangerous as with him. Fantastic addition to the team. Even more I love his dedication to the team and to football in general being a really seasoned 30 years old guy. Fantastic – Pro Bowl Guy!!!!! He did the Pro Bowl as a replacement. More than earned.

Russ Hochstein – Guard/Center: Trade (New England) 2009

It says everything that stat that he started 20 games for New England in his 7 years staying there, and 16 for Denver in his 3 years staying (with no one this year). I have nothing against him, but please, let him go…he is the living memory of the Patroncos.

Knowshon Moreno – Running back: 1st round

Please keep him. He probably will never be a great back, he still could be a good back and his receiving skills are really good. He could be a great weapon, he is not as fast as Reggie Bush but on his side he is not Reggie Bush and can eventually make some good runs. He could be valuable to this team and I think would be not this easy to find a sure fire substitute for him.


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