Analyzing Broncos Team. The Youth.

Rebuilding is never easy, neither fast.

Even though that results this season have been far better away from the ones I would had expect at the beginning of the season, Denver is still strictly a rebuilding team and there is nothing bad at it.

Now to ensure a successful team building, IMO it has to start from the very bottom of the building: from the front office.

Denver has a new front office that I hope will be successful for years and years. In nowadays NFL this would mean to use a mentality style similar to the one Green Bay (Packers), Pittsburg (Steelers), New York (Giants) and New England (Patriots) use: chose your players through the Draft, believe in them, coach them up, go-on believing on them after their career starting bad mistakes and the most important at all, IMO: Positive Attitude though the whole organization.

A lot of football games could be won by staying focused on the match and keep fighting the opponent (exactly what Denver did this season). This “keep fighting” mentality comes also from a Positive Attitude through the whole Organization; it let feel any player important in their role and it push them to work hard to get better and competing between themselves. This helps a lot young players grow. It’s winning mentality.

This winning mentality is always requested to veteran players, but IMO, coaches, positional coaches moreover, has to have it and has to install it in the rookies and young players. If this happens, the chances to transform a looking fantastic rookie class in important football players for the organization are really higher, and it happens with great and stable organizations (Green Bay and Pittsburg).

So is coaches’ job to ensure that young players grow into important players. Is foolish to hope to draft and then play right away a star, Von Miller comes ones in a while!

How this mine theory applies to Denver team?  By coaching up last 2 years rookies classes and young players.

These are the players that Denver drafted in the 2010 draft (Josh McDaniels was the coach, but Xanders was already the GM in pectoris):



Role on the Team now

1st Demaryous Thomas (WR) Starting WR
1st Tim Tebow (QB) Starting QB (Pro Bowl Level)
2nd Zane Beadles (G/T) Starting G
3rd JD Walton (C) Starting C
3rd Erick Decker (WR) Starting WR
5th Parrish Cox (CB) Out of football
6th Eric Olsen (C) Released
7th Syd’Quan Thompson (CB) I/R
7th Jammie Kirlew (OLB) Released
CFA Cassius Vaughn (CB) Depth CB – Special Team

In addiction there are the players that Denver drafted in the 2011 draft (note that the Front Office wanted to come out from the Draft with at least 3 long term starters):

Round Name

Role on the Team now

1st Von Miller (OLB) Starter OLB (Pro Bowl Level)
2nd Rahim Moore (S) Depth S
2nd Orlando Franklin (T) Starting T
3rd Nate Irving (ILB/OLB) Depth LB – Special Team
4th Quinton Carter (S) Starting S
4th Julius Thomas (TE) Depth TE
6th Mike Mohammed (ILB/OLB) Depth LB
7th Virgil Green (TE) Depth TE – Special Team
7th Jeremy Beal (DE) Practice Squad
CFA Chris Harris (CB) Nickel CB – Special Team
CFA D’Andre Goodwin (WR) Practice Squad
CFA Adam Grant (T) Practice Squad
CFA Greg Orton (WR) Practice Squad
CFA Sealver Siliga (DT) Practice Squad
CFA Adam Weber (QB) Practice Squad


Considering the amount of young player picked from college in the last 2 years, there is a big core of players to develop already.

But I would add the this list of players also the ones on Denver roster that are within their 4th year of experience with just one year of full starting or making the active roster:

Years in the League


Role on the Team now

1 Rafael Bush (S) Depth S
1 Mitch Unrein (DT) Depth DT
2 Chris Clark (T) Depth T – Special Team
2 Jeremiah Johnson (RB) Depth RB
3 Lance Ball (RB) Depth RB
3 David Bruton (S) Special Team Ace
3 Tony Carter (CB) Depth CB – Special Team
4 Tony Hills (T) Depth T
4 Joe Mays (ILB) Starting ILB
4 Ryan McBean (DT) Depth DT
4 Jonathan Wilhite (CB) Depth CB – Special Team
4 Matthew Willis (WR) Depth WR – Special Team


How about this? How many players in Denver Roster have a decent amount of experience? I’m not saying or suggesting that all of them have to be taken in consideration for the long future, surely it won’t happen because there will be a new draft every year and some of them will be free agent every spring (Joe Mays), but how about to develop until possible their talent and believe their talent, this is what Great Organizations are doing, and by doing that, they are constantly on the top of their divisions.

A great organization should marry only a bunch of players and lock them in the organization for their whole carrier, the most of the team has to be replaced every few years and even more, depth players have to have the ability to step up and be positively productive in place of starters.

So the focus of all Denver fan should be, IMO, not about how much mistakes Rahim Moore and Quinton Carter are doing week in and week out, we should be patient, watching their game through a couple of years and then acknowledging if they’ll be a part of the organization or if their potential is being already reached. This could sound optimistic, but actually is not. It is more on putting pressure and responsibility to coaching. How could a team draft 2 players at the same position and miss on both of them? It just could be because of poor talent evaluation or poor coaching or both of them.

Talent evaluation is quite overrated, IMO. It’s just impossible to evaluate skills and personality altogether. These young men going through the draft are all skilled, they’re not like me, and they have physical skills and abilities to play professional football to a certain degree. The certain degree in modern football depends strongly onto which kind of play the coaching staff requires from their players – so to speak: the system in use – so scouts are looking the whole year before the draft (or the whole two years before a certain draft) for certain skills and on a team final board should remain the 200 college declared players that fit the skills required from a certain system. How you could possibly draft 2 players at the same position and finding out 1 or 2 years after, that they don’t fit your scheme, given that the scheme didn’t change? IMO is simple; the coaches didn’t coach them up.


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