2016 Denver Broncos College Undrafted Free Agents:

Bralon Addison (Oregon, rJr, 5’09’’, 197 lbs): WR/KR Projected Round My Broncos Big board 3rd – 4th 5th General Overview: dynamic player that is fast more than quick and lacks elite speed. Has very good body balance and thick frame. Looks powerful and smooth running and can definitely run with the ball. Was asked to […]

With the 228th pick of the 2016 NFL draft, the Denver Broncos select:

Riley Dixon (Syracuse, Sr, 6’4’’, 221 lbs): P Projected Round My Broncos Big board 7th – CFA N/A General Overview: N/A My Broncos Evaluation: N/A My Grade: B I didn’t “scout” punters, because I thought that the Broncos could find a P as college free agent for competing in training camp with Colquitt. Denver FO and […]